Do You Believe In You?


Do You Believe In You?

Do you believe in yourself?

Recently I have been observing how belief can be an underlying driving force that can assist us in achieving our goals. I have also witnessed how a lack of belief can also generate barriers.

When a lack of belief in our self is present it can be difficult to achieve goals and step into new things. This is a pattern I have observed over and over again.

Recently I was working on a project and two of the people involved were asked to step into new roles. Both are well-informed individuals with lots of experience, they express their views well, and they have lots of passion for their work. In both cases, there was resistance to stepping forward. Both individuals questioned the validity of their own words and experiences even though they are articulate, passionate and knowledgeable people.

What assisted both people was supporting them through validating; their natural authority, their position as valued community members, their views and their life experiences. Through providing them with support and opening up space for others to also acknowledge these individuals they were able to step into their vulnerability and participate more fully in leading roles. In essence, I was assisting them with overcoming the imposter syndrome.

For a lot of us we have encountered various versions of the imposter syndrome. Those times when we feel that we are not the expert or that we do not have the right experiences or authority to be discussing or presenting on certain topics. For me this feeling of inadequacy can get in the way of my self-belief. It is a type of self-judgement that can be inhibiting.

We can all learn to press the mute button on the internal voice that bullies us into inaction.

With the right tools and approaches we can turn to our inner voice and let it know that as much as our fears may be real to us we can still believe in what we are doing and move through the fear barrier to achieve our goals.

Here is some of what I have learned that can assist with embracing self-belief.

Support can assist us with engaging in activities that may seem intimidating. With this can come an authentication and validation of who we are and what we are doing. Listening to others in the supportive space can help us get in touch with the natural authority we have in our lives.

We can also build up our belief structures through a willingness to be vulnerable. When we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable we will often stop or allow others to take the lead. However when we are willing to step into being vulnerable we can then start to embrace these experiences, instead of telling ourselves no we tell ourselves yes it is okay to be a bit fearful and vulnerable, then we can move forward with our goals.

Be willing to embrace failure. Let’s face it we have all experienced some form of failure in one aspect of our lives or another. Failure is a common experience shared by most everyone. When we are willing to embrace failure it does not mean we are accepting defeat in what we are trying to achieve. In my experience embracing of failure allows me to review my activities and learn how to better move forward. Mistakes or unanticipated consequences will arise; it is what we do after that counts.

Remember to tap into your passion and your reasons for what you are doing. This is the fuel that stokes your fire of belief. Your life experience and knowledge is unique to you and is your natural self-validation. If you are worried about taking the next step try to remember what brought you to where you are now.

Self-belief assists us with fine-tuning our focus and connects our passions to our goals.

If you are finding it difficult to have self-belief around what you are doing; seek out some support, remember it is okay to be vulnerable, failures are experiences to learn from, and don’t forget to tap into those passions that brought you to where you currently are.

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