The Diverse Nature of Mums Is Highlighted by the New Holden Advertising


The Diverse Nature of Mums Is Highlighted by the New Holden Advertising

Holden recently released their new advertising campaign and it has divided mums across the country. 

Marketing to Mums invited mothers with dependent children living at home to comment on the Nothing to prove? Prove it. campaign featuring a mother crowd surfing at her daughter’s first concert. The ad was created to promote the Holden Equinox SUV and was designed to feature self-assured mothers who had nothing to prove and lived life on their own terms.

What did mums think about Holden’s new campaign?

Many mothers loved how irreverent and free it made them feel:

Bloody hilarious I am about to take my daughter to her first concert, and I plan to absolutely cut loose. I love the tag ‘Nothing to prove? Prove it.’ I think it is clever and witty and appealing.

I love the irreverent nature of this ad. It’s great to see mums having fun, as it seems absent from so many commercials I see.

However, many mothers cringed:

Oh dear. Some young ad agency guy watched Bad Moms a few times and totally got it wrong.

Didn’t do too much for me. I found his tone of voice really condescending, and can’t help wondering if it might have had more impact for me if it was the mum’s thoughts as the voice over instead.

Would like to know who the creative director was on this and their research to get to this point. Mediocre. Won’t be looking to buy an Equinox.

What let it down for me was the stereotyping of roles. I found the biggest cringe was ‘almost’ learned a language, why ‘almost’? I would have liked to have seen another strong professional career reference in it as well as the Vice President P&C reference.

What do mums really want from automotive brands?

As one mum said: “I’d really like car brands to recognise that mums have a huge number of roles and that they’d like a car that could fulfil them all; can fit the kids and sporting equipment but is also comfortable and stylish for a mum’s night out and can equally inspire confidence in a work situation.”

Marketing to Mums has surveyed more than 1800 Australian mums and found that 63% feel that advertisers don’t understand them. There is a huge financial opportunity for brands who get this right. The responses from mothers to the Holden Equinox advertising highlights the diverse nature of mothers, the importance of deeply understanding your target audience and the need to test the market. Small nuances, such as the male voice over used in this campaign, can mean the difference between success and failure in mums’ eyes.

I would love to hear about your experiences in communicating with mothers; please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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