Ditch Secret Santa, There’s Nothing Under $20 I Want


Ditch Secret Santa, There’s Nothing Under $20 I Want

These were the words scrawled upon a Brisbane billboard which promoted local ‘tweets’.

I have to admit my first reaction was, “I’m appalled and how ungrateful.”

Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realised, to my sadness, that this is, unfortunately, the world we live in. A world dominated by people who must have the most expensive things, and are more focused on ‘what’s in it for me (WIIFM)’ rather than ‘what can I do for someone else?

Christmas for me has always been a time of family and providing for those who need a helping hand so with this in mind, might I suggest an alternative to gift giving this Christmas including any work/family Secret Santa gifts.

In my book, The Five Little Business Pigs, I write about being a M.A.D. Business Pig or the Make A Difference Business Pig which is really about how you and your team are bringing a bit of M.A.D.ness to others.

So rather than giving a materialistic gift to someone which they may only use a few times (and probably don’t really need), here are 11 M.A.D. gift ideas which will truly ‘make a difference’:


  • $20 = Provide three meals a day to a person in need for up to two weeks.

Dementia Australia Research Foundation

  • Dementia is the second leading cause of death of Australians, contributing to 5.4% of all deaths in males and 10.6% of all deaths in females each year.

St Vincent De Paul                  

  • $20 = present/non-perishable food under the Christmas tree.

Salvation Army           

  • $20 = food package and present.

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

  • $20 = up to 4 gifts to put under the tree

Oxfam Australia

  • $20 = chickens (from $10), seeds (from $10), water for a family (from $15).

The Smith Family

  • $52/month funds education support for a primary school child, so join some Secret Santa gifts together.

Mummy’s Wish          

  • $20 provides a special book to help explain Mum’s illness to kids.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

  • $20 to fund research

McGrath Foundation               

  • $20 donation will help McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide free support to patients and their families experiencing breast cancer.
  • $70 provides the practical and emotional support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse for a patient and their family.


  • $25 = help provide care for all creatures, great and small. This could include providing an unwanted dog with a bath, treats and an enrichment toy this Christmas.

As you can see, $20 goes a long way to helping those in need.

So, which one of these charities or one close to your heart will become your M.A.D. Secret Santa gift this year?

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