How Digital Marketing Can Help You Penetrate New Markets


How Digital Marketing Can Help You Penetrate New Markets

Digital marketing has changed the competitive landscape for startups and small to medium enterprises, letting them enjoy many advantages, including allowing smaller, early-stage businesses to find ways to enter new markets.

Previously, a significant marketing budget was required to develop effective ways to gain brand recognition and market share. Now, with insight and strategic understanding, companies can follow digital and content marketing tips to formulate ways to make digital marketing work effectively for them.

So, knowing that digital marketing can help businesses penetrate new markets, what are some of the best ways to gain an advantage? 

Being social.

Social media marketing, one of the pillars of a complete digital marketing strategy, can be the single most effective tool to get your message out there. True, it can be a solid platform for growing brands, but it’s only relevant if it’s driven by quality customer experience and feedback. And you can utilise it to search for and know more about your potential clients.

With this in mind, your social media marketing outreach needs to be well-scheduled and consistent so that you can gradually build your brand voice and message. That means knowing how to keep the output solid, but also correctly tailored to each social platform you choose to use.

For example, research indicates that LinkedIn only requires a couple or even just a single post per day, whereas the staccato pulse of Twitter is optimal with five tweets daily. Facebook works at somewhere between five and ten times per week, so you need to do some of your own research on how to best schedule your online marketing activity.

By consistently using your social media channels, you’ll be able to share more content and spread the word about your business, increasing the likelihood of you reaching new markets.

Actually being social.

Digital marketing social outreach will provide you actionable data with which you can formulate an early strategy, but small to medium enterprises really do need to allot resources and effort to actually being social. This is an opportunity for inexpensive brand building and defining loyalty, as well as critically iterating your product offerings early on the road through viable human feedback and even criticism.

This is why social engagement is critical, and it’s a fundamental component of customer experience because this is how your potential market can feel respected and encouraged in a sometimes lonely digital marketplace.

Add personalisation elements where possible, enhance the customer’s ability to interact by encouraging them to share their ideas, and see how the relationship between your products or services, and people who are going to potentially use them, can be developed.

Schedule actual hours in the week as an early business to reply to comments, speak with early product users through social chat features, or absorb and digest critical feedback; these components of the early business growth period are digital marketing gold dust. They help you acknowledge your failings and develop a strategy for new markets that are more relevant and less contingent upon bias. In other words, don’t fall into the trap of judging a new market by the success of your entry into previous markets. Listen to the new market sectors first!

Be content.

Yes, the ‘C’ word is still ‘King’, so here are some content marketing tips for your online marketing planning. When considering new markets, it’s important to really think about how messaging needs to be altered to reflect your aims for that market. Content marketing doesn’t only mean ‘churning out’ pieces that stick against the wall like pasta. Finding how you’re ‘al dente’ for the new market requires online research to formulate your unique selling propositions that work in new territories.

This doesn’t need to break the bank as part of your strategy; tailored content for your brand can be outsourced to specialists at relatively low cost, although keep in mind the rule:

“You pay cheap … You get cheap.”

Find out what works for you and align with content writers and producers who understand what you’re looking to achieve or, even better, who love your products. Choosing content specialists from the markets you are looking to penetrate is another simple yet key tactic to gain an inside voice and understanding of the real needs you must address to successfully target a new segment.

Promote it.

Your digital content marketing efforts will amount to nothing unless they’re well-promoted. This is the inherent value of digital tools for new markets; the ability to penetrate them in a widespread or specifically targeted manner at lower costs.

This is why it’s critical to leverage content effort through your business’ social media profiles, groups, and forums. Doing so will generate the credibility required to make your products and services a serious new market contender. The ideal strategy is to engage and leverage the comments, feedback, and input from noted industry experts, thus sidestepping the appearance of only biased content from your corner.

This is a critical investment in time that will definitely reap big rewards when penetrating new markets in the long run. There are plenty of ways to periodically monitor and lower your expenses, so get out there and make them work for your great new idea. Otherwise, you’ll be missing the benefits that digital marketing will give you when you’re pushing your brand to the next market stage.

These are just some of the many ways for you to successfully penetrate new markets through digital marketing. Nothing’s guaranteed though, but as long as you do your research, put in the effort, follow digital marketing best practices, and learn, you stand a good chance of converting more people and gaining new ground in new markets for your business.

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