Detox Your Business: 3 Steps To Revitalise Your Health, Passion and Purpose


Detox Your Business: 3 Steps To Revitalise Your Health, Passion and Purpose

There are so many opportunities to spend time relaxing and reviving ourselves whether travelling or staying at home. The Spa industry keeps growing rapidly and offers a place to unwind, relax and create a space to rejuvenate body and soul.

I love going to spas, retreats or resorts that offer beautiful calming massages, hot tubs, facials and just peace and quiet. The surroundings are magical, mystical and I feel revived as soon as I check in. So, why do we not restore and detox our businesses?  Why do we put up with stress and challenges in our working life?  If we approached our day with a bit of detoxing where could we take our business or grow our career?

So imagine for a moment, this scenario. Work life is hectic, fast paced, your business is sort of OK and your career too. But deep down you realise that there is a need to get some more energy back into your work so what do you do? Quite often we can revert to desperate measures, try to follow the path of others. But many times we find that one size does not fit all, we become anxious, irritable and keep searching wasting time trying to find the next big fix or way forward for our business or career. In the end many give up and stay safe and bored, because they are tired and exhausted trying to bring new life and energy into their work. So think about this this Vision for a moment.

You have found a deep and satisfying way to keep Detoxing your business. You have been able to create an environment that makes you smile, feel alive and just happy to be working the way that you do. Each day grows better, even when there are challenges they don’t have the savage bite previously encountered.  And you say to yourself, I am so glad that I had the courage to get out of my old safe habits in my business.  I listened to myself and let go of the parts of my work that challenged. I have incorporated new life, ideas and ways forward that have made me feel happier and has increased my client base. So what have you done?

Here are 3 essential tools to Detox your business or career and come out glowing with a healthy bill of business health:

Detox Step Number 1.

Make a booking, a date to start Detoxing. Do not procrastinate, just do it within the next couple of weeks. And when you make this commitment, ask yourself what is it that you truly want to let go of, and change in your business? Then with this awareness put a Vision Board together that shows you, your business or career becoming a passionate part of your life again.

Start the Vision Board- Collage with these words “I am Detoxing and taking myself and my work into a place of purpose and passion.” And just let images and words arise in this space, play some classical music as you put your Vision together. Do not censor the images, just let whatever needs to come to the surface to arise. Tear out photos, images, words from magazines, then paste onto your Vision Board. When the Collage has filled the board reflect, don’t censor as this is the true you coming forward.

Detox step Number 2.

After reflecting and connecting with your collage write about the experience. A few paragraphs is all that is necessary.  How it felt for you to move through this place of letting go of parts of your work or business that are no longer necessary. And by doing this there is space to let new ideas and inspirations come forward. What are they, let the new thoughts flow, no censoring again as this is the true you emerging to help move your business into a place of empowerment and business wellbeing. You have put together a Detox script.

Detox Step 3.

Put an Action plan together to create masterful Spa type results over the next 6-12 months. This is no different to starting a gym program, eating in a healthy way or whatever. It is important to break up the Action plan into the following, a final result that you want for your business, with a date. Then a path forward to help you achieve these results, in the days, weeks and months leading up to the new detoxed You. The spa treatment for this stage has finished.

Have fun with this approach as I use it to revive all of my client’s businesses or careers. And the process is no different to spending time in a beautiful healing spa. Where our body detoxes during the treatment, then it is up to us to keep this new energy growing when we return home.

Keep going back into the Detox methodology, each time that you enter the spa you add to the previous treatments, so the body of your work reaches a pinnacle of awesome health, passion and purpose.

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