Which Social Media Platform Your Business Should Be Using – PART 2


Which Social Media Platform Your Business Should Be Using – PART 2

Just because you’re not active on a social media platform doesn’t mean your future customers aren’t, but it also doesn’t mean you need to take on all the top social media platforms in one go either. Start with the ones you know your customers are on, master that one and then add the other platforms when you feel comfortable. But which one is the best for your business right now?

Facebook: 15m Australian users

62.5% of Australians have a Facebook profile; I suspect some of your business’ target audience is in this group, that’s why it’s a platform your business should be on, no question.

Facebook users are happy to follow businesses on Facebook as long as the content shared is relevant and valuable to them. Ideally, you need to be posting at least once per day or more often depending on your audience and your content. But posting is only half the equation; you need to make time to engage and interact with your fans and other businesses on Facebook for your business to get any real traction on this social media platform.

YouTube: 14m Australian unique views

If someone wants to learn something, chances are they will be searching on YouTube, making it the second most popular search engine beside Google Search (who incidentally owns YouTube). Having a YouTube channel and uploading videos that inform and educate viewers is the way to go for your business.

Instagram: 5m Australian monthly active users

Instagram is highly visual and perfect for helping you build brand awareness and engagement.

On Instagram, post a number of times a day. Share photos and videos of your business, your products and your team, and use hashtags to help your audience find you.

LinkedIn: 3.8m Australian monthly active users

Out of all the top social media platforms, LinkedIn is the one that has placed itself as a professional social media platform. LinkedIn is the perfect place for projecting yourself and your business as leaders in your industry.

Posting on LinkedIn should be professional in nature, refrain from funny photos and jokes.  I suggest posting to LinkedIn at least once a week and spend 10 minutes each week working on building your network and engaging with others.

Twitter: 2.8m Australian monthly active users

Honestly, Australians aren’t really great engagers on Twitter, but it’s very effective at getting a message out quickly to a huge audience, albeit 140 characters. Twitter is excellent for use during events and local disasters.

Use Twitter to publish short, sharp messages a couple of times a day to inform and educate your audience.

Snapchat: 2m Australian monthly active users

What? I hear you say… “That’s just for kids”… well, no! Things have changed; Snapchat is coming into its own as a tool for businesses to create meaningful connections with customers and prospects.

Snapchat is perfect for building repour with followers by sharing those more relaxed photos and videos (called ‘snaps’) behind the scenes of your business. Snaps only last a short time, so you need to be posting a number of times a day to keep your audience interested.

Pinterest: 300k Australian users

If your target audience are Females, and your business has visuals to share, then Pinterest IS the place to be. It has the highest ‘click to sale’ conversion of all the social media platforms, and it’s great for showcasing your products and services and allowing users to ‘pin’ your images (and links to your website) to collection boards they create.

Start by pinning all the images from your website onto themed boards you create and start pinning other people’s content too.

Google Plus: 60k Australian monthly active users

It’s the least active of the top social media platforms but provides an excellent connection with Google search making it worth the time and effort.  Google+ is very popular with people in the photography and technology industries.

Make sure your profile is branded well, and you have some content posted, although it’s not necessary to post a lot, posts on Google+ tend to get ranked well in search but get very little engagement. (Stop Press: Google are working on revamping Google+ so watch this space).

Still don’t know where your business should be on social?

I highly recommend that you create a profile on all of these social media platforms if only to secure your username. Even if you don’t plan on incorporating that platform into your social media marketing strategy just yet, make sure it is branded consistently and that you post something to it at least monthly and review it regularly for messages. Focus on the platforms where your audience is most active and tread water with the others until you’re ready to do more with them.

Remember, social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Do you have any questions about which platforms to be on? I am happy to any questions in the comments below:

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