Why I Deliberately Keep My Business Small and Simple


Why I Deliberately Keep My Business Small and Simple

Every now and then every small business owner will consider the prospect of becoming big.

Perhaps an amazing opportunity has been presented, or maybe it feels like it’s time for change, it could be that feeling of being overworked and lonely, or perhaps a knight with shining self-improvement program in hand has exposed untapped potential that cannot be missed.

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It was all of the above mentioned reasons that encouraged me to strap on a helmet, dive into a rocket launcher and shoot myself, headfirst into the stratosphere.

To say it was a disaster was an understatement of mass proportions.

Along the pathway of growth I trotted, well, galloped actually.  With ‘big is better’ firmly implanted in my mind I grappled for more customers, higher income, more people, a broader profile.

I pushed aside the reality of being a mum of three and launched myself into an incredibly risky financial situation convinced that as an entrepreneur that was what I was supposed to do so eventually the Universe would see my hard work and make it all OK.

Actually, it wasn’t OK.  My marriage suffered, my family suffered, my health suffered.  It was a train wreck.

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Fast forward one gruelling year, I finally realised that I was trying to live a life that was not congruent to my values, I realised that while my business had certainly reached an era of maturity and did need to change, it didn’t necessarily mean it needed to become bigger.

So I went back to base and reconnected with what really matters to me.  I thought about my reasons for being in business, and how that links to the things that make my life good.  I noticed that big numbers in the bank didn’t compare to big smiles around my dinner table.  I realised that I like small, it suits me and it lets me live my life well.

Throughout this tumultuous process I did learn some lessons worthwhile sharing:

  1. Always, always look after your loyal clients.
  2. Nobody knows your business like you do.
  3. As a Small Business owner your wellbeing plays an important role in your business.  Treat it as an asset.
  4. Treat your family and loved ones as you would your most valued clients.  When the proverbial hits the fan they will be there.
  5. Business advice can be very useful but make sure you are truly ready for it.  Keep the things that matter most to you close and do not compromise them, ever.
  6. If you are a Small Business that is ready for growth consider your timeline carefully.  Perhaps it can happen over a longer period and that will be OK.
  7. Don’t ever, ever, ever implement a strategy of growth just because it seems like the right time.  If your business isn’t working for you there may be other ways to change that.

With lessons truly embedded I am now rather proud to be the owner of a business that is small deliberately.

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  • Amanda Hoffmann

    Loved this article Kerry! Particularly your points at the end and the reminder about how you treat your family and friends. A very genuine article obviously written from the heart!

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