Deciding Whether or Not to Write a Business Book?


Deciding Whether or Not to Write a Business Book?

Should you write a business book?” is a question I hear a lot and being a publisher and author, I say most definitely! Publish that book.

Why? Because if you don’t someone else will or maybe someone already has, nevertheless don’t let that stop you as you have something unique to offer also. No-one else is you!  If you have a client base already then you are way ahead of many aspiring authors! Building your brand is essential to book publishing success and if you have a database of clients or access to readers interested in your topic then you are already a winner.

Your knowledge is your expertise and publishing a book has the potential to raise your profile.  It is also a great way to have added income stream and draw more clients your way. The possibilities are endless!

Many businesses have free eBooks as a way of encouraging customers to sign up for their newsletter, thus entering their database.  I say, go bigger than that by putting  a more comprehensive effort into producing your book and use it as a drawing card for public speaking events and other opportunities. It is always a great introduction in the media and public speaking events when you can be presented as … “We would like to introduce………author of …….

It is also a great reference tool to navigate mind-pickers toward, you know those people who want you to hand them the formula to your success.  I don’t know about you but people are always wanting to know how I do it, so I have taken a short timeout to put my knowledge into a book called ‘Become your own Publisher’ that will be released  July 2016.

How am I going to find time to write it? I am a busy Small Business owner, with six children, but I still find time to write as I love to inspire and educate people through words. If I can do it, you can find some time in your day to do it too.  ‘Where there is a will, there is always a way.’ This is a motto I live my life by. If you want something enough you will find a way of achieving it.

So for a small investment (less than one hour of your time) someone who is interested in what you do can purchase or download all of your knowledge, they will also have the added bonus of being able to reference back to it at any time and choose whether they are willing to put in the effort required to do what you do. Because, we all know that we have worked hard to get where we are, even if we make it look easy.

My top tips for writing your business book:

  1. Find time to write it.
  2. Get it edited when written.
  3. Have your cover designed for you.
  4. Source a distributor.
  5. Get people talking about it.

So is it worth the time and effort to write a book? Most definitely! Your business will only benefit from it. Even if your business is something that you wouldn’t perceive to be something to write about, your personal journey is. You may inspire someone else by sharing your journey.

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