Do Your Customers Really Love You?


Do Your Customers Really Love You?

Your Small Business has the opportunity to deliver a unique customer service experience because no other business has you! You are your own secret weapon and the customer service bar is set so low that it’s not hard to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Extraordinary customer service is so rare, your business will become a magnet for customers who appreciate being made to feel special and in return they will spend more and recommend you to their friends, even the ones on Facebook. So how do you make your customers love you?

Here are my top five tips for creating a customer centric business:

1. Ask your customers “How are we doing?”

It’s a lot easier to exceed your customers’ expectations if you know what they are and how well you currently meet their needs. Look at your last transaction in depth from start to finish to find out what went well and what didn’t go so well and then make changes to your delivery of service to make your customers smile. You learn so much from simply talking to your existing customers. Look at your processes through their eyes and keep fine tuning until no one else can offer a better sales experience.

2. Be positive

Get excited about your business and make every point of contact a positive experience. When you are enthusiastic, others will follow your lead. Introduce your customers to new products with hyper excitement to encourage them to connect. Ensure your customers know everything that you do, so many businesses assume instead of involve. Happy people are contagious and everyone needs more sunshine in their lives.

3. Shop your opposition

Your customers all shop around so you should too. You need to know the types of experiences your competition provides so you can outdo them. Your competitors may even surprise you, they will be doing something better than you and many things not as well. Steal their best ideas and put a twist on them to make them your own. Find something unique that no one else is doing to give your customers the chance to say “wow”.

4. Change your look

Customers love a fresh new look and it gives them an opportunity to say so. People want to do business with people they like and trust but even more so if your business looks and feels like it is successful and rewards its customers by providing a beautiful space. Refresh your public face and make it the type of business customers want to be seen in. Fun, funky and most importantly clean. 

5. Make it easy

Your customers want to do business with you so make it as easy as possible. Remove barriers that frustrate or slow down the transaction, anticipate the complete process for them and absolutely make it fun to do business with you. Once you understand why your customers choose to shop with you then the opportunities you can create for them will be endless. When you focus your activities on delivering the ultimate customer experience then the customers and the money will follow automatically.

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