Crucial Things to Include in Your Media Kit and Why Every Small Business Needs One


Crucial Things to Include in Your Media Kit and Why Every Small Business Needs One

There’s a funny thing that happens in Small Business… Well, it happens if you’re running an awesome business, clearly communicating your value to the world and delivering something exceptional.

At a certain point you start to pick up momentum… not just speed. Speed is easy. You can choose speed (usually). Momentum is harder because it includes a whole lot more than just your decisions and effort. Momentum is speed – as well as the force of the overall system. It’s the snowball rolling downhill… The gathering, attracting of external bits.

The second your business shifts into Momentum mode you’re communicating with intention and creating something useful and positive in the world… And you’re starting to get noticed.

Other people want to join forces. You’re the one people think of when it’s time to add value to something already awesome. Opportunities and ‘better’ clients start to become the norm. You start getting media attention.

You’ve started to gather forces… the attraction has begun and as you move, other ‘external’ pieces start to move with you as you roll.

This can happen suddenly. It did for us. And here’s the real kicker… We were EXPECTING it. We’ve been improving our systems; communicating more intentionally to our audience; teaming up with the ‘right’ people; leveraging our exceptional product to add value to other businesses… All in an effort to shift from self-propelled Speed into true Momentum.

Then last week, the call finally came from an international conference for business women. “Jason we’re really excited to partner with you and Portrait Store. Having your brand on board is the perfect match and we can’t wait to start promoting the partnership; and more specifically you as the founder and genius behind it all.”

And then the one sentence that caught us off guard, “Please send us your media kit right away so we can begin developing the press releases etc. etc. etc.”

Media Kit? Say what, now?

Now, I really have to confess the absurd irony of this situation. I know media kits. That is literally our business… Providing the most powerful, connected, meaningful images for professionals on the rise.

That means making portraits for people’s media kits! But did I have one ready when the time came? No. Have I been working on building the business into something exceptional? Visible? something exciting and talked about? Yes. So how the hell did I miss this most obvious connection for myself and get caught out, unprepared?

I just didn’t know when it would happen. I’ve been so focused on the larger mechanics of the business and developing everyone else’s profiles, that I wasn’t ready when the time came.

Fortunately, I have loads of incredible pictures of myself so it wasn’t too tricky to pull one together. But what about you?

Where’s your business right now? Are you on the verge of gaining Momentum? Can you envision yourself and your business one year from now? Does that picture include a level of attention and excitement around your products or services?

Do you have images of yourself that you’d proudly send in to any international publications to represent your values and authority? Do you look like a thought leader? Do you look like you can confidently and effortlessly solve your client’s problems?

So what goes into a Media Kit, anyway?

Well obviously there’s our specialty – the photos. And there’s a whole separate discussion around the style and range of images you need to really complete the picture of you and your business.


– Your Pitch and your big picture Mission
– 2 bios. I have a long one that goes into the story of it all and a highly abbreviated version (just in case)
’Showreels’ or video of you presenting or speaking.
– Screenshots or high quality scans of other publications you’ve been in (online or print)
– Testimonials
– Client list
– Your unique Method or Process
– Stats are always great to add weight
– Some people add Services and Prices
– Contact info or social links

Remember, you’re trying to make it easy for the publications or media outlets to make you look and sound awesome.

Give them all the tools they need. If it comes down to two stories and you provide a complete resource with loads of powerful images and all the details to back it up, you’ll likely get more coverage.

The less the journalist has to do the easier you make their job and the more likely they are to use what you give them.

But the most important tip of all… Start getting it ready now! Don’t wait until they ask because that’s too late. The feeling of confidence, knowing that we have a killer pack of resources available for anyone interested is absolutely priceless.”

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  • Andrea Doyle

    Thanks Jason. Just when i thought i was starting to get on top of things…. you have reminded me to get this up to date!


  • Georgia Thomas

    Great article, Jason. Very practical and timely.

  • Cate Scolnik

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks. This piece is entertaining and practical (hallmarks of great writing). I love it!

  • Drew

    Oh that makes wonder how up to date my press kit is – better out that on the list. No point playing the game if I’m. It ready to kick the ball. Nice remember Jason thanks.

  • Sofia

    Thank you for a great post, Jason. Very useful tips for everyone creating a media kit!

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