Creating a Forward Marketing Plan for 2019


Creating a Forward Marketing Plan for 2019

With the smell of Christmas still fresh in the air, it’s the perfect time to put some of your holiday energy into creating a solid marketing plan for 2019.

Now first of all, in order to create a plan that will fling you into success, you need first to figure out where you’re launching from. So, if you haven’t already go back and read my previous article Reviewing Your Year.

Alright, so now that you’ve figured out where you currently are in terms of marketing, you can start to lay the foundations of where you want to go in 2019.

As someone who lives and breathes marketing and communications, here are a few tips to get you started:

Set some goals in place.

The first step to success is figuring out what success looks like to you. Because the truth is it will look different to every person and every business. In order to create a marketing plan that’s going to really work for your brand, you need to decide on what (exactly) you want that marketing plan to do for you.

  • Do you want more brand awareness?
  • Are you looking to grow your customer base?
  • Do you want to sell more to the customers you already have?

Grab a pen and paper and start writing down some goals you’d like your marketing plan to achieve in 2019, and then narrow them down to the top 5.

The most important thing to remember with your goals is to make them measurable. If you want to grow your customer base then how much growth constitutes success? Is it doubling your client base or something more modest?

The point is if you have clearly outlined success measures then you’ll be able to ‘check in’ on your marketing plan throughout the year and track if it’s actually working towards your goals.

Choose your platforms.

This is an important one. Even if you’re already investing time in content and social media marketing, it’s always important to review your platforms and expand your reach.

Maybe it’s time to finally create that Youtube channel and drum up some extra business through video content. Maybe it’s time to create a Facebook page to compliment your LinkedIn company page and reach more people with your message.

The thing to keep in mind when choosing your social media accounts, whether you are starting from scratch or simply reviewing, is to be selective. You don’t want to spread yourself so thin that your content marketing becomes ineffective, so make sure that you’re spending your time on the platforms that are going to have the most effect for your business.

If you’re looking to reach the corporate sphere, then LinkedIn is probably the right choice, if you’re a visual brand give Instagram a go.

The point is don’t just do what everybody else is doing; do your research and choose the right platforms.

Choose your anchor piece.

Your anchor piece is your main piece of content that you’ll spend the majority of your time and energy on. It could look like a video series, a podcast series, blogs, articles, etc. From your anchor piece, you’ll be able to pull out and repurpose all sorts of things from infographics to quotes, short clips, social media posts and so on.

Deciding on your anchor piece is about figuring out what your clients want and what your talents lend themselves to. From there the choice should be pretty straight forward.

Create a calendar.

I’m convinced that in this world there are two types of people: people who love lists and people who don’t. If you want to become a marketing guru, I would suggest you start loving lists … and calendars. Creating a thorough content calendar for the year to come is one easy way to help keep you on track:

  • You can set out a monthly or weekly theme.
  • Figure out what days you’re going to be posting to what platforms.
  • Decide on when your anchor pieces will be published.

It might take a bit of effort now but believe me when I tell you it will save you an awful lot of headaches in the future.

Set your focus.

As they say, “You have to keep your eye on the prize.” If you want your marketing plan to work then you need more than a plan, you need action. And that doesn’t just mean in January and February, that means all the way through to December 2019. So set your focus and keep it set.

Well, there you have it. I know you’re eager to rush away to continue enjoying the new year festivities but a few strategic hours spent creating a forward marketing plan for 2019 are going to do your business a world of good this new year.

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