Create a Video Studio for Under $100.00


Create a Video Studio for Under $100.00

I am sure that you are familiar with live streaming by now?

If not, live streaming has been around for a while, and just over a year ago Facebook introduced live streaming to its social media site. Over 500 million people are watching a video every day. We now have live streaming available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube.

To date the costs to set up a professional studio have been in the hundreds, however, with the popularity of live streaming and video content for social media platforms, the cost is now more affordable than you think.

When I first started to seriously use live streaming in my social media strategy, I had to purchase lighting and audio equipment which are important to make your streaming look effective and professional (there is nothing worse than bad audio). The cost then was around $176.00 to get a green screen, lighting and a lapel microphone.

Today, moving forward only 18 months, the cost to set up your studio is less than what you would pay for a good meal with a friend or your family. Just recently I purchased a second backdrop stand and white screen for my office and found these online for $29.00. The lapel microphone that I purchased back then was $39.00 is now only $1.99, can you believe that!

Having a dedicated area for your live streaming will allow you to pump out video content with ease. Your live streaming area doesn’t need to be big, and the size of the area that you have available will determine the products that you will need to buy.

What you must you include on your shopping list to create a cost-effective, professional studio.

Lighting boxes and green screen.

Great lighting brings out the quality of your video and you as the presenter. I purchased mine for $94.00 through eBay, which is really all you need to start. The lights are great, and the screen is larger than I can ever imagine having to use.

Audio equipment.

The quality of your audio is extremely important and if you are going to set up a dedicated area (in your garage even).

How you are videoing will determine which equipment you need. If you are standing in front of the screen, a lapel microphone will work just fine. The lapel microphone is used with your iPhone device and plugs straight in with no fuss and can be purchased for from $6.90.

It’s good to have a desk microphone if you are going to be live streaming from your desk. If you are looking for a cost-effective desktop microphone I have been using the Blue Yeti Pro. Originally, I paid over $200.00; however, I now see them on the market for under this price. It has many features that I am still working out how to use, yet even as a rookie I am still able to produce great quality audio.

With over 90% of all internet traffic being sourced from video, as a business owner, we need to seriously consider the power that video can bring to our businesses and the opportunity to get leads and sales from using video as the tool for your marketing in 2018 and beyond.

For as little as $100.00 you can start building rapport and relationships with clients that you haven’t met who will soon become your loyal followers turning into paid customers.

Give it a try, if you are not comfortable being in front of the camera then look at using other options for your video content, like screen sharing, behind the scenes or staff profiles.

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