Create Partnerships to Grow and Have More Fun in Your Business


Create Partnerships to Grow and Have More Fun in Your Business

Partnerships are the quickest and without a doubt the most fun way to grow your business.

One of my business mantras this year was to have fun in my business. Otherwise, the overwhelm and contrast monologue in your head about your never-ending to-do list is enough to make you chuck it all in and go and get a ‘real’ job.

As entrepreneurs, we know that won’t serve us in the long term. Our mission is too great. Our why is to make a global change and that is at the core of everything we do. But this can come at a cost as you sacrifice time with your loved ones. As soon as I feel my business is robbing me of precious moments with my kids, I pause and reflect.

Am I enjoying what I am doing right now? How can I make this more fun?

The more fun I have, the more money I make. The more money I make, the more freedom I have. I have done this through creating partnerships to leverage my business.

The snowball effect.

I finished writing my book at Billabong Retreat centre in Sydney. I felt a strong connection to this place and created a partnership where I taught monthly mindfulness retreats for mums. I secured a distributor for my book, Mother Om, after attending Mind Body Spirit Festival which resulted in me being awarded the partnership award in 2015 from the Key Person of Influence program.

When I wrote Mother Om, I sent each chapter which has different themes to well-known parenting magazines and had this content published online which significantly raised my profile. I now get paid to speak on topics that make my heart sing like mindfulness, self-care, resilience, connection and well-being. I recently spoke with Mia Freedman at an event, and I am a mentor and speaker for Rare Birds.

Partnerships are all about relationships.

Like dating, business courtships are about finding the right alignment. Complimentary not competitive. You don’t propose on a first date. Being mindful of the ‘what is in it for me and them’ scenario as the agreement has to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Have a party to bring your community together.

My podcast Magnetic Mama was turning one. I had 24 episodes with inspiring mums in business and decided to re-purpose the content sharing a quote from the episode each day for 24 days of inspiration. I threw a podcast party online and invited my tribe. We did my signature chocolate meditation, everyone remembers chocolate. We celebrated the power of mums supporting mums, and there were beautiful giveaways for each attendee. Each guest shared their episode over the campaign. This resulted in over 1 000 more downloads and created a buzz on social media. Every episode is a successful partnership. Plus, it was fun, and my tribe are excited about my next series. Throw a party for your business and have giveaways for Christmas. I promise everyone will love it.

Running a business on your own is exhausting. Having a partner to support, help, guide and share the workload keeps your energy and vibe high. I ran an event series of three workshops and created a partnership with another business mama who also runs events. Our last event was sold out. We bring in guest speakers that share their wisdom and promote their business. Next year I am launching a six-month mastermind with six expert mentors for mums in business. They are all successful entrepreneurs and have established communities.

You are not meant to walk this path alone.

By connecting, collaborating and supporting others business serves our purpose of being here to awaken the new paradigm of consciousness.

Whether it is blogging, podcasting, running events, speaking or by simply asking for help, my experience has been that people want to support you. In fact, I have never had anyone say no. The story in your head that tells you not to reach out is a limiting self-belief that wants you to keep playing small; your ego does not want you to evolve so you can serve your highest potential. I am grateful for that voice in my mind; I use it as a teacher.

I believe in pushing through the discomfort and doing what scares me because I know it is how you get to the magic zone. And that is where fun lives in abundance and business flows with ease and grace.

In 2018 there will be a strong focus on connection and collaboration. Join a mastermind for support and be held accountable. It is going to be a cracker of a year.

I cannot wait to see you fly.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Leonie, I ADORE this article. I am also totally in love with the idea of throwing a party for your podcast guests. What a treat! I’m totally looking forward to collaborating with you next year.

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