Copy That! – The Lost Art of Duplication


Copy That! – The Lost Art of Duplication

Have you ever found yourself having to repeat instructions to a supplier or a company you’re dealing with? Got the wrong order at a restaurant? Have you ever made a mistake with a customer order who complained it wasn’t even close to what they asked for?

We live in a fast-paced world, with rapid changes in the way we do business. But like the slow food movement, there is a growing desire from consumers to receive a better level of service, and to be treated, well, like a human being and not a number.

In my latest book, I’m exploring the art of duplication – the understanding of customer needs and wants, and the ways in which you can use this idea to improve your business.

In this article, I’m going to share three areas of your business where duplication is paramount to success:

#1 – Duplicate the needs of your customer.

Duplicating a customer means being able to hear and understand their needs and wants, and then designing your product and service in such a way as to then meet those needs and wants better and with more value than anyone else who is competing against you or who has the attention of that same customer in the marketplace.

They aren’t really optional, even though at times it may be expedient to cut corners when you don’t duplicate things in business, trouble is sure to follow.

#2 – Have your team duplicate your goals.

In order to get others to follow you on your business journey, you need to be able to get them to duplicate exactly where you are heading. This means sharing your overall goals and aspirations as well as making it clear to them what role they play in helping make these a reality.

If people know their role, have the freedom to create that role, and the satisfaction of doing a great job in contributing, then you’ll find the journey a lot easier than if everyone is heading off in their own direction.

#3 – Duplicate market trends.

A skill that is essential in a fast-moving, technology-oriented and global economy is keeping an eye on the trends in your market. What’s changing that can impact you? How are you going to react to continue to flourish and prosper?

No use sticking your head in the sand and hoping that your customers won’t require you to provide online ordering, or that you have to introduce a new point of sale technology. Early duplication of trends and putting in place programs to cope with change will become a more important skill over time for even the smallest business.

I consider duplication to be a lost art in business.

Too few companies and entrepreneurs are more interested in the technology and automation of business these days than being customer focused. They’re moving further away from human interaction.

By not duplicating well, you are costing yourself time and money because, in fact, it is like swimming against the tide.

Good duplication really can make business as simple as ABD – Always be Duplicating!

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