Is Content Marketing Really Worth the Effort?


Is Content Marketing Really Worth the Effort?

Is content marketing really worth the time and effort?

So many Small Business owners ask me this question, and I tell them, hell yes!

In fact, you should not just be doing it, but I believe you should invest heavily in a content marketing strategy.

CM (Content Marketing) is the process of publishing interesting information on the internet with the view of drawing your ideal prospect’s interest to your opinions, events, expertise, products or services.

You might use engaging articles, opinion pieces, photos, videos, white papers, infographics, a podcast, a blog or anything else that your ideal prospects may be interested in engaging with.

High-quality content is the key

If you are going to attract and retain people’s attention, you need high-quality content which they will love to consume and share. But if you run a quality business, and you’ve got a clear message; content marketing should just be an extension of your current marketing message.

You simply need to amplify your message in an engaging way, and the best place to start is with what you are passionate about.

  1. Find your rant, your passionate position, opinion or expertise.
  2. Find out what your ideal client is searching for by asking them and asking Google.
  3. Find out what bothers them and what they need a solution for.
  4. Start creating content about their problems and offer interesting solutions.
  5. Keep creating content until hell freezes over.

The key to great content is in solving problems or pointing people in a helpful direction.

With this in mind you should create content that is:

  1. Written for a particular kind of person.
  2. Answers a popular question.
  3. Helpful enough for it to be shared.
  4. Draws your ideal client to identify with you.
  5. Written to position you as the person with credible answers.

Why Create Content?

Creating content that resonates with a particular group of people helps you to position yourself as a credible key person in your niche. In this modern business age, your ideal clients will most likely find you through your content rather than through advertising.

In fact, advertising is becoming less effective and content marketing (also known as Inbound Marketing) is growing in effectiveness. Perhaps it’s because consumers have been lied to by big advertising all their lives and now with the internet they feel like they are back in control.

Now your ideal client (just like you) uses the internet to help them source the information that they need. Having quality content on the net is one of the best marketing strategies that you can invest time and money in because it’s what modern consumers are looking for.

My Grandfather taught me that buying a house is better than renting one. He said “rent money is dead money” and although he passed away some years ago, his words ring true in the internet age.

When you advertise with Google Adwords you “rent” the advertising space until someone clicks your ad. You pay for the click and your money is gone. Yes, you get a benefit from it, but you only occupied the space for a short time before you have to pay “your rent” again.

Content marketing is more like “buying your home”. You are investing time and money creating content every week, and once it is created, it sits on the internet and starts working for you.

Start Making Investments Now

The time to invest in content is now. You may not see results for a while (it all depends on what you do) but rest assured as you build your ‘asset portfolio’ online, it will grow and grow until you are a force to be reckoned with.

Creating quality can feel like a thankless task. You need to set up a goal and a regular time to create your content. If you commit time and resources to it (or get a professional to help you), you will be well on your way to dominating the search results in your niche.

Just remember that you are investing in a long-term income producing asset so keep going it will be totally worth it in the long run!

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