Content Curation, Do You Want to Know Three Magic Formulas?


Content Curation, Do You Want to Know Three Magic Formulas?

Content is King. And in this age of super-fast content consumption and 24/7 news you need to create a lot of (quality) content for your business in order to stay ahead of the pack (or at least not stand on the sidelines).

But who’s got the time to write one to five blog posts a week? The easiest way to create great results without content creation eating into your core work time is to outsource this time-consuming task to an expert blogging service. But what if you don’t have the funds to completely hand over the task of content creation to the specialist copywriters?

The power of content curation.

Content curation, the process of selecting, organising and distributing information from sources other than yourself, is a crucial component of any clever content marketer’s overall content strategy. Combined with writing and promoting your own blog posts, white papers and other free content, creating awareness of others’ work can create sensational levels of engagement and new opportunities.

Yet many people don’t quite know what content curation is. Not to mention how to actually effectively curate content for it to support an overall content marketing strategy.

Apply these three experts’ magic formulas, and you’ll be off to a solid start:

1. Carefully choose which content to talk about and when.

You need to focus on a small handful of topics that are relevant to your business and useful to your customers. But ensure that you don’t forget the human side of your readership as well; mix in a few personal bits and pieces as well. I’ve had excellent responses over the years curating content, not just about marketing, copywriting and writing business books, but mixing in items as varied as networking, happiness and the pain of perfectionism in both blogs posts and curated content.

Choose a handful of interesting blogs relevant to your own keywords and sign up to their newsletter. That way you keep getting an interesting stream of content to curate straight into your inbox. Then, once or twice a week, go through that fresh content and curate the ‘bejeezus’ out of it. Don’t be afraid to use the same piece for more than one post. The handy tools mentioned below will make that a breeze. Just ensure there are a few days or weeks in between posts on the same channel, and that you use different words in your comments.

Tip: Curate content from partners and prospect. You’ll earn brownie points as you’re creating valuable marketing for your business and interesting stories for your prospects and customers.

2. Promote widely, deeply and thoughtfully.

Social media is a numbers game, due to the fast speed at which new content is presented, sometimes you’ll catch your intended readers when you’re posting, sometimes you won’t (they’re not online or looking at your news). You need volume out there because only a small percentage of your curated content will reach and impact your intended readership. It’s a bit like telling your kids to tidy their bedrooms, now! Sometimes they will, most of the times they won’t.

You don’t want to flood every LinkedIn or Facebook group you are part of with tonnes of messages every day, but do post your curated content across more than one social media platform and up to five times a day. And within that environment, do pick relevant audiences (i.e. groups) to share your content with. I post on my personal and company page on LinkedIn, as well as my company Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. At different times and volume levels.

When you post content for curation, do make sure that you don’t just post the chosen material; give it a mini-makeover by adding your own views, opinions and thoughts. Sometimes simply copy and pasting a link may work. But generally, your readers will be more interested and engaged if you offer your own insights.

3. Tools create efficiencies.

If this all sounds like a lot of work, then here’s some great news for you: there are nifty social sharing tools that will make posting your curated content fast and easy. Use them a couple of times a week to add to your content store en masse, and you’re laughing. Or when you see an interesting item, use your chosen tool to curate directly from that URL with just one click.

I use Buffer and the Buffer Chrome extension to queue content from my browser and from integrated feeds. The application allows me to quickly choose content for curation, comment on it and space multiple posts out automatically over days, weeks and social media channels.

The beauty of using this kind of automatic distribution system is that you don’t need to hunt for new content every day. I lock out time twice a week to go through my selected reading and queue up new posts.

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  • roland hanekroot

    Nice one… thank you Daniela.
    I’ve recently taken up the content curation journey myself and am finding it less onerous than I’ve been afraid it would be and more fun… besides bufferapp I also use something called pocket ( I find it really useful to collect stuff in during the week and then I can sit down and schedule the best stuff from there through buffer once a week.

  • Daniela Cavalletti

    Hey Roland, thanks for your comments – and introducing me to a useful new tool. Makes this geek very happy. 🙂 I’ll check out Pocket and let you know how I go. Perhaps there’s another article seed there already. 🙂 Are there any topics you’d like to read about that I might be able to shed some light on? Cheers, and keep on writing!

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