Considered Podcasting? Five Big Reasons You Should


Considered Podcasting? Five Big Reasons You Should

It’s been awhile since I beat the podcasting drum. Over the last couple of weeks though I’ve had many people get in touch to discuss the idea of perhaps maybe one day starting a podcast.

With OzPod (the ABCs podcasting conference) just around the corner, I felt the time was right to weigh back in with a gentle reminder on the value podcasting adds to any business.

And so, in no particular order, my five big reasons you need to be podcasting.

Podcasting builds your authority in your industry.

When clients (potential and existing) create a perceived value of your brand, they also create in their mind a price expectation they feel matches what you offer. Podcasting is the coolest way I’ve discovered to increase your perceived worth as a business. By creating regular valuable content that pushes you into the realm of authority in your client’s mind.

Lifting your value with your clients eliminates the price discussion, after all, who doesn’t want to work with the ‘expert’ in their area?

Podcasting gets you in front of influencers in your industry.

We all have certain people in our industries that we would love to have a coffee with and pick their brain, but for small business mortals without deep pockets, this a near impossibility.

When you have a podcast, cool things begin to happen. People are exposed to your work; they get to know who you are and your ability to connect with the influencers increases. During the run of my last podcast, I had an 85% hit rate of getting to chat with people that I wanted to. Wouldn’t we all like to say we had that kind of close rate?

Podcasting gives you a body of work to recycle and leverage.

Let me be clear. I’m not suggesting that launching a podcast means you can put your feet up and wait for influencers and clients to call you. Nor will you suddenly see a Ferrari roll up in your driveway. What it does offer though is a goldmine of content from which you can recycle, manipulate and leverage.

Allow me to give you an example: In my last podcast, I would put the show to air (first piece of content), then I would get the audio transcribed (second piece of content). Once I had the transcription, I could create a blog (third piece of content). Then I’d strip the quotes and any references and turn those into social media pieces (fourth piece of content), lastly if the episode had stats or heavier pieces of information I could create an infographic to simplify the concept (fifth piece of content). I could also create a checklist or template which I could load onto my website as a free downloadable reference (sixth and seventh pieces of content).

I could go on about creating E books, or workshops and keynotes, but I think you get the idea.

Podcasting allows your audience to get to know the ‘real’ you.

Seth Godin (of Purple Cow fame) said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.”

As humans, we are hard wired to relate and remember stories. Stories let people peek behind the curtain of your business and find out what you’re really made of. Your people will get to know what you stand for, your values and the way you communicate.

A podcast allows them to develop a relationship with you before you even meet, building the trust and authority that you are the right person to talk to.

Podcasting (in my opinion) still provides the best bang for your marketing buck.

From building authority, getting you in front of influencers, providing you with a gold mine of content and sharing the stories behind your business and your brand, no other form of marketing that I’ve found comes close to the same level of ‘bang for your buck’ as podcasting.

A podcast allows your clients to connect with you at a time that suits them, on a device that suits them and in a location that suits them. It is not intrusive and creates an incredible bond with your audience.

I admit that after three of my own podcasts and creating others for many other businesses that I am firmly in the ‘team podcast’ camp.

But I encourage you to consider when reviewing your communications, sales and marketing strategy for your business you weigh all the value that adding a podcast to your marketing mix could add to your brand. Your customers will thank you and so will your business.

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