Client Break Ups Can Teach You How to Move Your Business Forward


Client Break Ups Can Teach You How to Move Your Business Forward

Have you ever had a client break up with you? Your client relationships are like any relationship you have. They need to be nurtured and cared for or else you risk a split bigger than ‘Brangelina’.

“It’s not me; it’s you.” Actually, maybe it is you. When any relationship ends, it can offer up a smorgasbord of lessons and great opportunities to learn, especially when one of your clients breaks it off with you.

Here are 10 things you can learn when a client moves on:

1. Learn to analyse.

Depending on the circumstances surround your sacking, this is an opportune time to analyse the situation and get a plan in place to decrease the chances of having this happen again.

2. Learn to improve.

From your analysis, you may find some areas you can improve on and do differently. Have a look at your structure, systems, processes and team. Where can you go above and beyond? Are there any gaps or flaws?

3. Learn how to implement new strategies.

Analysing and implementing are two different things. It’s the action steps you take now that will ensure your business the best it can be. How are you going to achieve these and who can help?

4. Learn about your ideal client.

Sometimes as business owners we see dollar signs before we see the work involved and this may lead us to make an ill-informed decision away from our ideal client. Working with someone who is not the right fit rarely works and this is when problems start to arise. Being sacked by a client allows you to gain a better understanding of who you work best with.

5. Learn how to have difficult conversations.

Be brave and have the courage to call the client and have ‘that’ conversation with them. Find out what went wrong for them. Knowledge is power, and while it might be confronting for you and them, ultimately, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

6. Learn to grow.

Having difficult conversations and situations arise allows you to grow as a person and business. Business is hard but mastering difficult skills and honestly looking at your business means growth – and sometimes fast growth.

7. Learn the art of hustling.

You’ll need to replace the client you have lost and so herein lies the art of hustling. What is your goal? How are you going to replace that client? How many sales calls will you make? What do you need to do to find an ideal client who gets you?

8. Learn to cop it on the chin.

Being fired, whether it is from a job or by a client, is a knock to your ego because we take it personally. But once you step away from your ego and look at the situation without emotion, you’ll grow a thicker skin. It’s OK to make mistakes so long as you learn from them.

9. Learn by experience.

If the situation arises again and it probably will because things happen, people move on, and partnerships end, you are lucky to have that experience to handle the situation with more ease, knowledge and skill.

10. Learn to be grateful.

Appreciating all that is happening in your business – the good, the bad and the ugly – allows you to move through a situation quickly and easily. It means you take the good out of a bad situation, learn from it and move on.

Something positive can be taken from every situation, even when a client breaks up with you. Learn from situations so you can move your business forward.

Take control and look at your own client database and regularly give it a clean out. This will ensure your business is profitable and your best clients are well looked after.

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