Clarify Your Beliefs


Clarify Your Beliefs

Make sure that the beliefs you run your life by are truly your own beliefs and not false perceptions you picked up along the journey of your life.

If you struggle in business, your relationship, or in any area of your life, there is a good chance that the struggle comes out of a false limiting belief that you picked up in early childhood and then reaffirmed along your journey.

Do you sabotage your own success? Have you ever found that you get close to success and then you do something that blocks you from achieving that very thing that you have been working towards?

If this resonates with you, stop giving yourself a hard time. What you need to do instead is to identify where the belief comes from and clear the trauma (little ‘t’ trauma) of that event in your life. It is important to go to the earliest or the worst time that you formed this belief. You may need the guidance of a skilled practitioner to do this work.

Even if you grew up in a healthy family situation, the chances are that you have picked up a limiting belief that will not be serving you in your current life. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family and there were lots of Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s), then you will almost certainly be well entrenched in this limiting belief. These beliefs are generally formed in the first seven years of life.

These are the three most common core limiting beliefs:

 1. Not good enough. 

This could well be the most common core limiting belief that I hear from clients. It was formed for me, when I was two years old, in my cot, upstairs in a terrace house, while my parents were downstairs arguing. I was full of rage because I couldn’t stop the fighting; I couldn’t get out of my cot and go downstairs, and they weren’t listening to my crying. I interpreted, right then and there, that I must not be good enough because I couldn’t stop them from fighting and restore calm.

Of course, when you have a limiting belief in your energy system, you will attract more and more evidence of it as you go through life. It then becomes entrenched, and it becomes the ‘poo-coloured glasses’ through which you see life, from that point forward; until you clear the belief.

2. Not lovable enough. 

This is a very similar situation where the events that happen around the child cause the child to interpret that they are not lovable enoughbecause if they were lovable enough, they would have been able to stop the event from happening in the first place.

These beliefs can be formed even in-utero. Even before birth, the baby self is very aware of what is going on around them in the family. They pick up on the energy of their parents and if there is stress or unhappiness the baby will definitely feel the responsibility to help the parent with that. Unfortunately, they are not able to do that, and this inability is often interpreted as ‘not lovable enough’ because if the parent loved them enough, the parent wouldn’t feel stressed or unhappy.

3. Not worthy enough. 

Lack of worthiness usually comes out of a disconnection from your Spiritual or Higher Self. When this connection is restored, the person realises that they were always worthy enough, it was just the events of their life that made them believe otherwise.

What to do: 

Figure out where you learned these limiting beliefs. This is not a natural state of being. It is a learned pattern of thinking, and it can be unlearned. Or more accurately, it can be cleared from your emotional memory, using amazing healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as ‘tapping’.

The tool I love to use with clients is Matrix Reimprinting, which incorporates EFT, but takes it to a deeper level by identifying the event where the limiting belief was formed. Then, using EFT, we clear the trauma of that event and reimprint the person’s belief about themselves, from a more empowered point of view.

It may be that you need the guidance of a skilled practitioner to help you locate the events that need to be healed. I promise you it will be well worth the effort involved. A counsellor or life-coach can help you to get things back into balance.

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