Choices, Yours Can Make a Difference


Choices, Yours Can Make a Difference

In those first waking moments, have you ever thought to yourself, “Today is the day I’ll impact on our nation’s economy?”

No? Me either. As you turn off the alarm and sit up in bed, do you ever consider how you’ll change the direction of Australia’s future? Or as you make school lunches, and hunt for missing library books, do you spare a thought for how you’ll change the direction of someone’s life before you walk back in the door that afternoon? Nope? I hear you.

For many of us the first few thoughts of the day are along the lines of, “How can it possibly be morning already?” or “OMG we’re out of milk.” In some cases, there are no words at all until that first coffee hits the spot.

Our mornings generally start with a standard routine and our days are then filled with a range of tasks that are usually domestic or income-producing. Much of it’s done on auto-pilot, and we only question or complain about the aspects that particularly irk us. Our role in creating change or shaping the future certainly isn’t foremost in our minds.


Whether or not we’re aware of it, we shape our world from the moment we open our eyes each day. We may have no interest in economics or government policies, but they are each very interested in us. And even the most mundane of existences, creates a trail of data and exchanges, that do, in fact, shape the world around us.

Every time we spend money, it changes something for someone. Every conversation is heard by another set of ears and every decision we act upon impacts on someone other than ourselves. Without even trying, we shape lives. And once we really grab hold of that, the routine choices we make each day, can take on a new significance.


So, if every decision we make has an effect, if every transaction and interaction is one link in a chain of others, think about the shift that could occur if we became more purposeful with the things we choose?

It’s easy to believe we can’t effect change, real change. But if we do it on a daily basis without even realising, imagine what we could do if we put our minds to it?

What if we started to think of our choices as a vote, and we voted on things that really matter?

Every one of us have things we’d like to see changed, but we can’t all be crusaders.

What we can do though, is support those who are, and make the most of the choices we have:

  • When we buy new things, think about where they were made; were the ingredients ethically sourced and are their workers fairly paid?
  • Buy local whenever you can; if you have to spend money, spend it close to home and make it count.
  • Support Small Business whenever possible; they play an integral role in our local communities.
  • Speak to people as though your child is listening.
  • Vote at every level; have your say from the P&C to the federal election, and don’t waste an opportunity to be heard.
  • Don’t remain silent; speak up about issues that matter to you. You may not start a petition, but you could certainly sign one.

We don’t need to declare our grand plans every morning. But if we acknowledge our inevitable role in creating change, we can become more invested in our daily decisions. Our choices might become more deliberate, and we can shape our world into something intentional.

That shift in perspective, understanding the impact we are each capable of, is perhaps all it takes to make a positive difference.

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  • Rosemary

    Yes, Georgia, yes.
    This is a powerful piece in its intention and in its simplicity. The impact can be huge. And we at Triple Win Enterprises just love small tweaks for big impact!

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