The Chinese Formula for Fast-tracking Money Into Your Till


The Chinese Formula for Fast-tracking Money Into Your Till

We’ve just returned from a fantastic 2 for 1 China holiday. It wasn’t my intention to think about marketing strategy while there, in fact, it was cathartic to withdraw from social media and checking emails.

No Google, no Gmail, no Facebook … But, I really was impressed with the way the whole trip was packaged together from the 2 for 1 offer that hooked us through to the rollout of the itinerary each day.

Great guides, a wonderful mix of the top tourist attractions, large-scale entertainment, cultural immersion and education and optional extras that almost everyone on the tour opted in to. I am in awe of the way in which extra dollars were extracted from us joyfully and willingly without so much as a flinch from any of us. It was more a case of “Where is the nearest ATM?” The formula worked very well.

So, how did they do it?

It was not dissimilar to the KPI method in a lot of ways, but on ‘speed dial’ because they must go through the process quickly to capture the sale. Firstly, how could anyone who wants to see China miss the opportunity to snag a 2 for 1 deal including airfares? An offer too good to refuse. Once we were in ‘the funnel’ there was no turning back.

Trip-a-Deal have certainly created their own market to build a product and profile through strong partnerships over time. This is an amazing Australian success story itself.

One of the strategies used by four of the places we visited, could be executed more here.  We visited Tong Ren Tang traditional Chinese medicine company, the Meiijawu Tea Village, the Silk Spinning Factory and a Jade Museum.

In all three, even though their products were vastly different, their formula was similar:

  • An informative presentation.
  • An educational and entertaining tour or tasting.
  • An opportunity to purchase.

Firstly, while travelling to each of these locations, our wonderful tour guides would extol the virtues of the company and its product and why Trip-a-Deal selected these particular attractions to share with us. We already ‘trusted’ the company before we set foot in the door.

At the Chinese medicine company, we were introduced to the business, told of its rich history and walked through the store. Then we were ushered into a back room where one of the practitioners further reinforced credibility and built trust. Free consultations were next, after which we could purchase traditional medicines to improve our health and well-being. We were also offered discounted mini massages.

At the jade museum, we heard the history of jade and watched the skilled artisans at work before being led into the showroom. There our specialist guide carefully targeted one of our party to ‘try on’ an A$1 400 necklace (which her partner purchased) before giving us free time to wander through the showroom.

At the tea village, the introduction included the rich history and the reason the tea from this location was of such a high quality and had such wonderful health benefits.  We were then taken to another area for a tea tasting and further explanation of the tea’s benefits and the highly concentrated organic tea pills that contained multiple times the benefits followed by an invitation to purchase.

A similar experience at the silk factory, a company introduction, a fun demonstration of the silk thread extraction process and then the opportunity to purchase silk sheets, silk clothing, silk scarves.

In every location, there was a price point to suit every budget.

In summary, what can we learn from this? 

Credibility and trust was established and reinforced by our original decision to book with Trip-a-Deal. The relationship built between the tour guide and us, the animated and entertaining introductory presentation of the history of the company and its product and finally the free/low-cost sampling of products/services before we made the decision to purchase.

We all knew we were being sold to and willingly got caught up in the moment and bought. Of course, these businesses (all government owned) were fully aware of the timing of our visit and had many staff waiting to help us.

How could you apply this formula to your business and fast track dollars into your till?

Building the relationships and partnerships, identifying the right people every step of the way will take years but is a strategy worth considering.

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