Check-in, So You Don’t Check-out


Check-in, So You Don’t Check-out

From time to time when we are rushed and feeling as though all the paddling is for nought it pays to do a quick inventory to get ourselves mentally back in the game of Small Business.

Often we can be so lost in the doing, we forget that being (an incredible business owner), is exactly what will make the difference.

Here is a checklist so you can ensure you stay focused, purposeful and on track:

1. Everyone makes mistakes.

Ok I know you have heard this a million times but truly, the last time something didn’t go right did you spend ages berating yourself for it not being perfect? We can spend enormous amounts of emotional energy on distractions such as judgement, anger and frustration, and really these accomplish little.

As an alternative, we can make a choice to understand how the error was made, correct and then sprinkle on a bit of forgiveness and move on. Honestly, sooo much easier.

2. Push hard but breathe.

You know the paddling I referred to earlier? We all know there are times when things are just a ‘leetle bit crae crae’. It happens often in Small Business. Our ability to hustle is what makes us awesome, so hustle.

Then, breathe … And breathe again. Calm that stress-out mind down, so you make great decisions for the next time, and the time after that.

3. Your ‘one’ next thing.

I have often felt like I need to keep the entire ‘to-do’ list at the front of my consciousness all the time. Not true, and again very tiring. All you need to know is the ‘one’ thing you need to do next. Just that ‘one’ thing. Get it done and move on.

Absolute focus on the one plus one plus one will achieve more than a scattered, unfocused approach. Choose the one thing then get it done.

4. Seize the opportunity to create it.

Things can sometimes come up that we never expected or dared to hope for; an invitation to advertise to your niche market at minimal cost, a chance to connect with a key person in your industry or something even better.

Sometimes we let those opportunities slip by through our lack of action. Don’t give the finger to the ‘law of attraction’ by doing this too often. These opportunities can transform your business. Reach out, stretch a little and go for it. This is how you create more, but there is a caveat, see below.

5. Trust your gut and ignore the nice shiny object syndrome.

When those things come up that we never expected or dared to hope for, seeing them lights a flame that we might not have felt for a long time. That burst of energy that we so want to follow. Right in that moment, ask yourself, “Is this a welcome distraction, a shiny new toy, a means to avoid what I don’t want to be doing or an ‘actual’ opportunity?”

Be honest. It could save you a lot of grief.

6. Ground yourself in purpose.

Your ‘why’ is a question. Your ‘purpose’ is a statement. Have your purpose be clear and direct. Have it be about you. Have it come from the deepest parts of yourself.

When the paddling gets too much, when you lose faith or direction when things are not going well, use your purpose to ground you in direction and action. Use your purpose to choose your one next thing.

7. Value your values.

Wow, that sounds much cornier on the page, however, sometimes we can get a bit lost and feel like we are on shaky ground in relation to our integrity. It can be a slow creep. It can be insidious. And then it can be upon us.

So, look at, feel and scrutinise your values often. They are useless to you if they are not a living component of you and your business.

8. We all want the same thing.

That thing is to feel that what we receive from others is good value (or if you are the smart giver), excellent value.

Be a smart giver, give excellent value not only of the products or services you offer but of yourself as well.

9. Be the solution.

So many problems to be solved in our never-ending marketplace. Be the best you can at being the solution for your customers. Be nimble, be quick and redesign the candlestick! Find unexpected ways to delight and captivate them.

Sometimes it is the simplest things like calling your top 10 customers just to say ‘thank you’ for choosing us or just acknowledging them in some way. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive; it just has to create a connection because this creates loyalty.

10. You’re going to be OK.

Nuff said.

So that’s it. It’s not complicated, going through this checklist is enough to have you feeling energised, focused and ready to create yourself a wonderful day, week, month or year.

You can do it; I already know you’re awesome.

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