Change Happens

In the past year, I have experienced a lot of changes in my life.

Recently I have had a number of these in a short period of time. These recent changes have been smooth, and for the most part, they have been about transitioning from one good thing to another good thing. This is not always the case though as sometimes I can be a huge stress head.

I have noticed some common themes around change that I would like to share with you:

  • Thoughts or emotions will arise.

Any time change happens we will almost always have some form of reflection that occurs. This can sometimes be a review of what has happened, and this can sometimes lead to emotional reactions from relief to satisfaction. We can reflect on what we could have done better and what was also good.

This is all fairly normal and common; we just need to let these thoughts and emotions run their course. For some people, this can take longer, particularly if there was a lot of emotional investment. If this happens, there are lots of techniques available to assist.

  • Communicate with those around you.

I have observed how communication plays an important part in change. In regards to those that care about us, letting them know what is happening can be helpful and supportive, if the change is challenging.

In the workplace communicating change and being active in how it is rolled out can be supportive of the workforce as a whole. If it is about leaving a workplace, it is always good practice to use good communication so as not to burn any bridges accidentally.

  • Don’t forget to engage in some celebration.

Celebrate the change you are undergoing; it does not have to be a big event it can be modest. Go ahead and celebrate either a job well done or finishing off a difficult period. This can be a marker for some people in assisting with a transition.

  • Give yourself the time you need.

Each of us is different, and we all experience change differently. Some people will finish and move on quickly while other people may need more time. Make sure you give yourself the time to process the thoughts and emotions that you need to in regards to a change. It is okay to give yourself permission to take a bit of extra time.

  • Don’t be afraid of implementing or maintaining boundaries in your life.

One way of doing this is by giving yourself a timeframe around when you want to move onto your next thing more fully. Of course, this deadline can be shifted if things are still arising for you. A deadline helps you to focus the thoughts and emotions, but this does not exclude getting support if you are caught up in stuff.

Also, even though it is good to communicate with people openly, you may want to maintain boundaries with how much you share to certain people. Not everyone needs or even wants our life story.

  • Have a plan, if that is possible.

Sometimes change comes unexpected but when it is possible having a plan can be helpful. For a bit more information on some planning processes, check out my previous articles, How to Transition and Let Go and The Four P’s of Sustainability.

Change is inevitable, and we will all experience it.

Change happens to all of us. When we gain some form of control over it, we can feel more secure. Sometimes this control might not be control over the entire situation but rather control only over what is within our sphere of influence. Ultimately it is how we engage in change that defines it for us.

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