Celebrating Innovative Dads this Father’s Day


Celebrating Innovative Dads this Father’s Day

Dads today are increasingly inventing new products for the baby market after experiencing issues as fathers.

These unmet needs are fuelling innovative new products and services in the baby industry.

To celebrate Father’s Day, I want to shine a light on two Aussie dads who have created great inventions designed to help new parents and caregivers:

  • Meet Justin McGrath, Co-Founder of JUCA

JUCA is an electronically adjustable cot which raises the mattress to reduce lower back strain when lifting a baby out of the cot.  The cot was invented by Melbourne dad of four, Justin McGrath. A physiotherapist with twenty years’ experience, Justin was concerned about the never-ending number of parents, grandparents and caregivers, who were coming into his practice for treatment on their back after caring for small children.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justin and his wife Catherine to assist them to bring the JUCA cot to market. Having recently passed strict Australian Standards, the JUCA cot is set to launch in early 2019 and will revolutionise the baby industry, providing a more ergonomic and safer alternative for parents and caregivers.

Despite not being available just yet, it has already gained strong interest and endorsements from Obstetricians, Nurses, GPs and Physios, and has won coveted awards including Bronze in the Best Cot category for My Child Magazine Awards. Earlier this week JUCA was named in Anthill’s Smart 100 companies finishing in the top 20.

“Catherine and I started JUCA to help parents and carers enjoy raising their children in a safe working environment. Our first product is a cot and, in the future, we plan to design and develop other baby related ergonomic products for the home. All parents and carers deserve to have a much safer working environment at home that minimises strain and reduces injury.”

  • Meet Dean Fanning, Inventor of Pramrolla.

Pramrolla is the brainchild of Melbourne dad of three, Dean Fanning. The Pramrolla is a baby sleep aid that uses the tried and proven method of motion to help get your baby off to sleep, without the need to go anywhere or do anything. Dean’s invention was sparked by the arrival of their third child.

With both parents working, and two young boys to manage, getting sleep opportunities for their new baby was proving a major logistical exercise. Not being able to find anything which could assist them to recreate the pram walk at home, Dean took to his shed and created something. Finding it to work so well, and for other parents with new babies also, he decided to refine his prototype and fully develop the Pramrolla to help more parents.

Dean’s product has proved very popular with parents across Australia and recently won Silver in the My Child Excellence awards.

“Being a parent can be hard but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I get great satisfaction from the thought that I have created something that helps make being a parent a little bit easier.”

Thank you, Dean and Justin, for making other parents lives easier, your inventions are set to change the way, we live and interact in our world as parents.

Happy Father’s Day!

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