Would a Cash Incentive Entice You to Regional Australia?


Would a Cash Incentive Entice You to Regional Australia?

Did you know you may be eligible for incentives to relocate your business to Regional Australia?

What do these offerings entail you may ask? Think cash, subsidies and other perks offered by Federal, State and Local government developed to stimulate regional economies. And you won’t believe what else. Every new business owner in Regional Australia gets a marching band on arrival and a free puppy. Yeah OK, I made that up.

However, the bit about a whole raft of entities bidding, bribing, schmoozing you to relocate to their neck of the woods, that bit is true (give or take according to your definition of the abovementioned terms). Truly, Regional Australia is the new ‘it’ place to live and do business, who wouldn’t want to give it a go. Oh yeah, back to the point, the incentives. How do you find out more about what’s on offer?

Here are a few options:

  • Ask Google, use key words in your search such as relocate my business, business in Regional Australia, moving to Regional Australia, relocation grant, relocation funding.
  • Find someone in the know to help you to source the information and maybe even link you with key investment opportunities and networks. Often these people are found in the following places:
    • Regional Development Australia (RDA) organisations (RDA is a network of 55 organisations which cover Australia).
    • The relevant local council.
    • The Office of Business or Industry in the State you’d like to relocate to – look for State government agencies and departments.

The bribery (erhm, I mean incentives) goes beyond just the relocation.

Your business may be eligible for other funding opportunities that are established to encourage economic growth and development in the regions. Some current Federal Government offerings include the Building Better Regions Fund, National Stronger Regions Fund, Regional Growth Fund or Regional Jobs and Investment Packages. Find out more here.

Need some help to get your application started? Don’t worry there are people that can help with that too. Before you dive head first into writing your funding application check for the following things which are usually found within the funding guidelines:

  • Are you eligible for the grant?
  • When is the opening/closing date?
  • Is there a dollar for dollar contribution required?
  • What are the terms and conditions?
  • What industry sectors does it address?
  • Are there any key people you need to speak with/be endorsed by to submit your application?

About that support, you might (note – might) source some assistance from the list of entities above, or perhaps via organisations that carry titles such as business enterprise support. Of course, there is also a range of fee for service providers who specialise in these fields.

Beware, you may discover in the end that the incentives don’t matter, the real drawcard is actually the opportunity to move at a different pace, have a more affordable lifestyle and pursue a whole new lease on life. Sound good? Get to it.

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