How Can I Use a Book to Boost My Small Business? (Part 2)


How Can I Use a Book to Boost My Small Business? (Part 2)

Most authors who self-publish a book for their Small Business don’t aim to make money from book sales; they aim to make a profit by boosting their profile and generating increased business.

In Part 1 of this series I looked at some of the ways a book can be used for self and business promotion: book sales, marketing and publicity, contacts, lead generation and giveaways.

In this article I will look at some more of the many ways a book can boost your Small Business:

Speaking engagements.

I had an author recently who secured a speaking engagement at a major institute just days after sending them a copy of his book. Publishing a book will do this. Even in these days of the internet, blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, being a published author still carries a great deal of cachet and credibility.

Articles and blogs.

Having a book published gives you the authority to write about your industry, and this can lead to articles and blogs. You can write a few articles based on the content of your book and send them around to relevant outlets for possible publication. Having had a book published increases your chances of being accepted. (Have a look at the bios on articles you read; you’ll quite often see that the author of the article has also written a book on the same topic.)

The book itself can also be a source of articles. You can pull out, say, 1000 words, and then tweak this extract to turn it into a standalone article. This can usually be done simply by adding a new introduction and conclusion and removing any material that would be out of context in an article. Or, you can simply offer extracts of the book for publication, this is quite common.

Media outlets are always eager for content.

Book reviews.

One of the first things you should do when you receive stock of your book from the printer is send out review copies. You should be prepared for this a few weeks before the books arrive so that you can get onto it as soon as they come in. You can do a basic media mail-out yourself, or you can pay a publicist as part of a media campaign.

As a business card.

A book makes a great business card. Make sure you always have a few in your car, and always take some to meetings, industry events, seminars, or … Anywhere! When everybody else is swapping business cards, hand out a few copies of your book! Don’t be afraid to give away copies. Consider it a marketing expense.

Qualifying clients.

A book is a great way to qualify your clients. A strong business is not built just on attracting a large number of clients but also on attracting a large number of the right clients. Giving a copy of your book to potential clients is a great way to introduce them to what you do and how you do it, and therefore increase the chances that you’ll attract the right clients.

Potential clients will gain a good feel for you and your business, and this will help them decide if you’re right for them. Your book can also include practical information such as timelines and prices, which will further filter clients.

You can even include a page at the back of the book, encouraging clients to contact you. (But don’t make this too aggressive. People don’t want to be sold to in a book. If your book is great and the client believes you can meet their needs, they will contact you.)

Stand out in your industry.

If I could sum up the benefits of writing a book for your business, it would be that it will make you stand out. All of the other benefits you receive will flow from this simple fact. Chances are most others in your industry have not written a book, and possibly nobody has.

Writing a book gives you authority. It presents you as an expert. It also reflects well on you personally. Writing a book takes time, effort and commitment, and these are qualities potential clients will appreciate.

You don’t need to have a hard-sell approach in your book. The best way to sell yourself and your business is to write an excellent book that will meet the needs of your clients, and to produce it professionally. This will give clients the information they need and will reflect well on your business.

A book will establish you as an expert and leader in your field. It will set you apart from the competition. You don’t need to do any more selling than that.

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    I agree, 100 percent, Michael! 2 years later and my book is still a powerful tool in my business. Thanks for writing this piece.

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