How Can You Manage Your Social Media More Effectively?


How Can You Manage Your Social Media More Effectively?

Social media has exceeded the confines of an online platform for people to keep in touch, share their photos, videos and life events. It is now an online representation of the real world, where people connect with each other and with companies for business, where they find inspiration for shopping, and where they share their shopping experiences. Therefore, it has become a place where us as marketers congregate and work hard to draw attention to our products and services through a complex strategy that involves advertising, socialising and keeping up with the trends and hot topics of the moment.

As a business owner, using social media can feel rather complicated and can certainly be time-consuming. But if you have a clear plan and you implement it effectively, you will soon realise that you can fit in your social media activities among your other daily activities, without wasting too much time and effort. The tips included in this article will help you define the most effective social media plan for your business, even if you are working on your own.

1. 20 Minutes Each Morning

This is the amount of time it takes to scroll down your news feed and find out what is trending and what everyone is talking about. It is important to be up to date with the hot topics in your niche because your potential customers will expect you to have a word or two on them.

In these 20 minutes, you will determine what topic deserves attention and prepare a special post for it. Once you have done that, check your own posts from the last 24 hours – answer every comment, question, or private message – to show that you are really there, a human presence posting and reading the comments.

2. Encourage Conversation

You can touch on the hot topic of the day and ask your followers to voice their opinions. Or you can post an intriguing photo and ask people to caption it. This is a great way to organise a contest or to post a teaser for an upcoming promotion or newly launched product.

Why is it important to keep conversation alive? Because it encourages sharing and more organic traffic to your social media pages. ^Engagement = ^Reach = ^Conversions

3. Automate Your Posts

As we said in the beginning, you do not have to spend a lot of time monitoring everything happening on your social media profiles. Instead, you could sign up for an automation tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite. These two online platforms allow you to add all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and schedule your posts. You can schedule for days in advance and only add a new post when you notice an important event taking place, or a hot trend which you should include in your posting schedule.

4. Create a Balanced Mix of Posts

Your business’ social media profiles are not sales platforms in the sense that you post your products and services. Your promotional messages must be blended with useful content, interesting photos, videos, polls and other non-salesy messages. Your purpose in using social media is to attract prospects and nurture them into customers.

5. When and How Often Should You Post

This depends on the profile of your target customers. You should research their daily routine, the hours of the day when they are most likely to browse social media and schedule your posts to be published around that time. On Facebook, you can do this by looking at your Page Insights > Posts tab where you’ll find the days and times your existing page Likes are using Facebook.

As for the frequency, nobody likes to see their news feed flooded with posts from businesses and brands. There are various recommendations, but the best practice is to limit your posts to 1 to 2 posts daily on Facebook, 3 to 5 per day on Twitter, Linkedin only needs a couple of posts a week and 3 updates on Google+ per day.
These five tips will help you develop a great social media plan. Do you do something differently? I’d love to hear how you conduct daily management of your social media profiles.

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