What We Can Learn from New Yorkers Adapting Our Aussie Café Lifestyle


What We Can Learn from New Yorkers Adapting Our Aussie Café Lifestyle

I turned on the television the other night and was immediately immersed in a short news program on the growth of the Australian café culture at its very best in New York city. A city that I love and visit every year. Why? Because my heart and soul would like to be able to find a way to live in this energetic mecca of culture 3-4 months each year.

It is exciting to see Australian café society growing in the USA, especially in New York. Where locals are settling in with a newspaper and coffee at these small centers of community life. People are spending time to sit down, slow down and enjoy the cafe experience. Forget rushing off with a “to go” in one hand and iPhone in the other.

Food critics are glowing in the way New Yorkers are embracing a more laid back Australian café style. And what is this? It is a combination of our accent and the personal connection. With smashed avocado being pumped out and of course high quality coffee.

Now it’s possible to get a great coffee in New York. In the past, I would get a weak bitter coffee that resembled a milk shake. My love of good coffee was never met. And I would resign myself to this fact when visiting one of the world’s most energetic and cultural cities.

As I watched the program I thought that this new cultural experience for New Yorkers can be leveraged into some smart business metaphors. Ones that show us how we can transport a business model that works well in another place, country and more. Tweak it for a new audience, and create these tools and learnings. They are:

1. Education.

In the USA smaller cups of coffee are a rarity. Most are the size of a milk shake. So how in our daily working life can we make our offerings smaller, unique and special? I suggest that we find the gold that sits within our work, and mold this expertise into products, training, consulting etc. that are creative and inspiring. We may even find a new niche or audience.

2. Slow Down, have a Daily Ritual.

By sitting down and drinking a coffee in a relaxed way, we prepare ourselves for the day ahead. There are many daily rituals that we can engage with to create less stress. Maybe you could get up from your desk every hour and go for a short stroll outside – to boost your productivity and get some fresh air. Make a list of ways to engage in fun things each day. Be accountable to yourself. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

3. Community.

The essence of the Aussie style cafes in NYC is to create a personal experience. The baristas address people by name and remember the coffee they drink each day. How can we develop a client experience that is personal? What is it that we can do to help our business stand out as one which cares, values and genuinely supports others? This is such an important need and many organizations fail as the dollar and bottom line is of prime importance.

So as I head back to New York I know that I will be enjoying great coffee. And giving thanks to the Australian laid back style that genuinely wins hearts. Be it in a personal or professional connection. And I leave you with a thought:


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  • Geoff Anderson

    I visited New York in 2012 and noticed the lack of decent coffee. I thought, mmm some Australia entrepreneurs should set up shop here in New York and spread the coffee love. Great to hear it is happening.

    • Sally Arnold

      Yes Geoff you are so right. I have been visiting NYC most years and until the past 2 coffee has been terrible. Am in NYC now and can tell you there are some cool Australian style cafes around the town, Each year more spout up.

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