How Can You Become More of an Explorer?


How Can You Become More of an Explorer?

I was sitting in an eye specialists waiting room, waiting for a friend to come out of his appointment. Reading a magazine from the rack, I came across an article about three Australian female adventurers, which made me think of the similarities with running a Small Business.

Small Business, like adventuring, is a continual journey of pushing personal boundaries. We need to challenge ourselves to go beyond what we know now. Whether a new or established business, there is a need to continually grow and stretch.

There are three things these women talked about that I could relate to, when I reflect on starting my own business:

1. To Fear or not to Fear

Gaby Kennard, the first Australian woman to fly solo around the world, said she refused to feel fear when learning to fly.  In business, how can we refuse to feel fear in order to be successful?  The reality is, it is scary to start a new venture, however it is useful to overcome that fear.

Overcoming fear is part of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. This can be hard and I continually focus on my strengths and the value I bring to clients to remind myself of how powerful I really am. I also remember why I am doing this, my values and my vision.

What positive aspects of yourself can you focus on to overcome your fears?

2. Bring your sense of Curiosity and Learning

Jessica Watson is the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo and unassisted in her yacht, Pink Lady at the age of sixteen. I made a point of going down to Sydney Harbour to see her as she sailed back in. What a champion! She says that curiosity and learning were her drivers to do something positive and adventurous.

I aim to learn something new every day and am always curious about people, especially their stories and motivations. A big challenge for me is technology. However, the good news is – I have managed to learn how to create a podcast and post it on my social media channels, so feel very proud of that.

What are you learning today and how can curiosity help you to serve your customers or clients in a better way?

3. Ramp up your sense of Adventure

Of course Linda Beilharz, the first Australian woman to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole, as well as from the northern most tip of Canada to the North Pole at age fifty, would say she loves adventure! But, she said, she also loves the beauty and mystery of the white landscapes, and wanted to experience them.


I see running a Small Business as an adventure. Although you can plan and think ahead, there will always be new ideas, new people and unknown opportunities to explore. There is always a mystery as to what is around the corner or over that obstacle. There will be many times we are pushed out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

You may or may not want to be a pioneer in unchartered territory, however in a small business there are always opportunities to overcome fear, learn new skills and embrace the adventure. As Beilharz said, “We underestimate our capabilities.”

I’m continually amazed and delighted in what I learn and how I stretch myself.  What are you doing today?

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