But Isn’t That Your Job?


But Isn’t That Your Job?

In an era where we are not seeing as much helping and volunteering as in the past, I was taken aback at the response to my recent good deed, resulting in me wondering for a moment, why did I bother?

I was collecting mail from my post office and was about to get back into the car when I noticed what I initially thought was mail in the garden bed. However, as I went to pick it up, all ready to return it to the post office, I noticed it wasn’t mail at all. It was in fact, a large amount of new school supplies including a diary, school handbook, calculator, pens, notepads etc.

I then became concerned that something may have happened here because the scenario wasn’t sitting well with me. So I bundled everything into a bag and headed to the local Police Beat.

At the counter were a Constable and another gentleman who I assumed was the Administration Support Officer.

I approached the counter and said, “I’m not sure if I’ve done the right thing but” and went on to explain my story, finishing with, “I’m quite concerned that something’s wrong. I’m hoping nothing has happened to a child but it’s not sitting well with me so I thought I best come here straight away.”

Now I hadn’t looked through the diary or the school handbook (as someone who loves watching crime shows and who is often described as the ‘CSI for Businesses’), I knew enough not to tamper with evidence.

The Constable then said to me, “Well the best thing to do would be to take the goods back to the school.” I hesitated and must have looked a bit taken aback because the other gentlemen said, “Or would you be more comfortable with us doing that?” I said, “Yes because what if something bad has happened, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

As it turned out, there was a name inside the diary and they contacted someone whilst I was there. I then heard the word ‘robbery’ as I was leaving so I was very relieved I had done what I believed to be the right thing.

After a few moments, I then thought to myself, why did the policeman ask me that? Surely that’s his job, not mine. Why couldn’t he do his job without asking me to do it for him?

So here’s me thinking I’ve done a good deed and the right thing and yet I was initially still asked to do more and not only that, something I wasn’t qualified or trained to handle.

Is it any wonder that unfortunately more and more people these days are staying on the sidelines or ignoring people they could help because ‘they don’t want to get involved’.

Now think about this from the perspective of your business.

How many times are you asking your staff to perform tasks they are not trained in or are way outside their comfort zone, boundaries, expectations or responsibilities?

Is it any wonder that tasks get missed, forgotten or ignored?

And who’s to blame for this? Not the people, which is who generally wears the brunt of it but it’s actually the lack of systems and/or training to support the implementation process.

In addition to the systems side of things, have you also built a culture of M.A.Dness where everyone makes a difference…. to the team, to the business, to your clients and to your community? Or is financial return your sole driver for success?

I slept and dreamed that life was happiness.

Then I awoke and found out that life was service.

I served and I found out that in service, happiness was found.

Rabnranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate 1913

In my book, The Five Little Business Pigs, I have a chapter dedicated to also being a M.A.D. Business Pig who makes a difference and this is the quote I used for the chapter cover.

As someone who’s driven by service and helping others (as I’m sure most of us are), this quote resonates very personally to me so here’s my final thought for you to consider:

How are you truly serving yourself, your team, your clients and your community; and have you provided the necessary tools and training for everyone to help you achieve your business happiness, and in turn, theirs?

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