Is Your Business an Overnight Success?


Is Your Business an Overnight Success?

Or is your reality more like the McDonald brothers who said they were an overnight success – 3 years in the making!

With technology advancements and changing employment trends making it easier and quicker to start your own business, one could be forgiven for being drawn in (and then overwhelmed) by the bright lights of success.

I’m sure, just like me, you have someone in business you admire and model yourself upon, and that admiration may be up close and personal or simply from afar. And don’t they make business look effortless and easy, and we wish it could be the same for us.

Because when the going gets tough and the ultimate vision and success you’re working towards seems so far away, it can be very easy for negativity and doubt to creep in. And then, if we’re not careful, we’re consumed by paralysis analysis and often distracted by shiny objects which takes us away from our single-minded focus.

Result: Poor decisions made based on emotions not facts, high stress and not much fun.

But if we asked our successful role model why it’s so easy, I’m sure their answer is going to be, “Of course it’s not”. For most successful business owners, it’s the years of hard work (blood, sweat and tears) and persistence and determination to succeed which has resulted in them now running a simple, profitable business they actually love.

No one is an overnight sensation – regardless of what they project or tell you is their reality.

Take speed skater Stephen Bradbury – Australia’s first Winter Olympic Gold Medallist. Unfortunately, many people do not give Stephen the substantial credit and accolade he is due for this amazing achievement. Instead, they dismiss the success as a fluke or lucky rather than looking at the years of hard work and overcoming injuries including a broken neck to gain that medal. As Stephen says, “I don’t think I’ll take the medal as the minute and a half of the race I actually won. I’ll take it as the last decade of the hard slog I put in.’

So if you’re feeling like your success is taking too long, then I encourage you to read the book and watch the movie The Founder which is the true story of how Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s.

His determination and persistence made his dream a reality, but it took years of knockbacks and the need to think differently about how to solve his financial difficulties before the profits and success really arrived.

And he didn’t do it on his own. Yes, he had the vision, but he had three to four key people who helped turn McDonald’s into the reality we know today.

Remember: The key to McDonald’s success was the quality control and efficiency of the burger making process.

So, if creating simple systems for your business is a challenge, watch the tennis court scene in the movie for a powerful and critical ‘Aha’ moment.

Then go and invest the necessary time and money to build a simple, profitable business you actually love: one brick at a time.

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