Why Business Bootcamps Are Game Changers and How to Run Your Own


Why Business Bootcamps Are Game Changers and How to Run Your Own

Do you ever feel overwhelmed juggling your business, family and personal goals?  As Small Business owners we have a vision, but it’s very easy for day-to-day operations to take over, preventing us from working on strategic tasks and scaling our business. Sometimes we need to get away from the office for a few days and create the space to focus on strategic thinking.  This is where running your own Business Bootcamp comes in.

A Business Bootcamp is a focused block of days away from day-to-day operations to focus on few key projects.

My business partner and I launched our business with a 3 day Business Bootcamp and found it so effective, that we’ve continued to run our own Business Bootcamp every quarter since. In this post I’ll take you through the steps to successfully run your own Business Bootcamp.

Here are the 5 steps to run your own successful Business Bootcamp:

Step1: Planning the date and length of time

We’ve found that 3 days works well for us.  This is long enough to achieve outcomes and short enough to keep everyone focused.  We have also experimented with a full week, however having both business partners away from the business for a whole week was too much for us as a young business.

Aim to schedule the bootcamp at a time that will minimise business interruption.  We run a bookkeeping and accounting business, so we avoid running bootcamps during peak tax periods.

Step 2: Choosing a location

Get out of the office and find a location where you feel energised and inspired.  We work hard during the bootcamp, but a nice location also makes it something to look forward too.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a fancy resort in Fiji. I’m based on the Gold Coast, so my business partner meets me there so he can enjoy the sunshine and beaches when we’re not working. 

Step 3: Agree on objectives and an agenda in advance

Discussing objectives and preparing an agenda in advance will help you to stay focused and make the most of your time.  For us Business Bootcamps aren’t just about talking, they are about taking action and making progress on specific projects without distractions. 

We’ve worked on things such as, updating our website copy, systemising our onboarding, and developing a recruitment process & skills test.  We also always use the time to set objectives for our next 90 days.

Step 4: Short Time Frame

Parkinson’s Law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

Setting a short time frames to complete tasks or discuss particular topics will help avoid perfectionism and maintain a focus on the essentials. 

For example, in a recent bootcamp one of our goals was to improve the financial literacy of our clients.  We gave ourselves 30 minutes to brainstorm and create a list of tasks such as writing blog posts, creating an email course and agreeing on topic ideas.  Next we worked in 30 minute bursts until we had all of the content drafted.  We allocated time the next day for editing and adding to our email automation tool Drip.

Step 5: Let your team and clients know in advance that you won’t be contactable

A Business Bootcamp requires long periods of focus and intense brain work, so distractions are a no-go. Most of the decisions will have a large impact on the business, and implementing those decisions requires the use of a wide range of skills.

The last thing you want is to organise a Business Bootcamp and then spend all day on the phone with your team or clients.  Give both your team and clients plenty of warning that you won’t be available and then resist the temptation to check your emails or answer the phone.

A great side-effect of bootcamps is that they force you to set things in place so your business can run without you.

Over to you!

Now it’s your turn.  Have a think about what projects you could work on in your own Business Bootcamp and what you need to put in place to take a few days away from the business. Preparing in advance, setting short time-frames to complete tasks and empowering your team to run the business while you are away will all help in running your own successful bootcamp.

Have you ever participated in a Business Bootcamp?  How did you find it?

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