Do You Have a Boring Niche? Here are 5 Tips to Spice up Your Marketing


Do You Have a Boring Niche? Here are 5 Tips to Spice up Your Marketing

Having a great product in a niche that fuels people’s aspirations is half the battle won.

You can have great content, photographs and videos on social media, plenty of options for interesting messaging on email campaigns and a very engaging website. It’s just a matter of creating a distinction.

So, what if you’re NOT in the lifestyle, fashion, travel or food business? What if your business is in a low involvement or a low awareness product category? A boring niche people don’t really seek? Like insurance or auditing? Can I still market smartly?

The answer is an obvious YES and here are 5 easy ways to do it:

1. Lose the jargon

Insurable Interest”, “Carrier aggregation” etc.– these terms only scare the potential target audience. It’s nice to remember while drafting your messaging that it is people who read content at the end of the day. Not bots programmed to decode complex words.

Simplify product explanations and make it as easy to understand as possible. If words fail you, go visual! There’s a reason infographics are so popular. It simplifies complex processes and gets rid of excessive jargon.

2. Tailor it for humans

Listing out the countless benefits of the product will only generate a big… YAWN from your potential customer. Why should those benefits even interest them? Why would they care? Humanise your benefits. Remember, a reason to care is a reason to buy.

Become a storyteller where the benefits of your product feature in as solutions to problems faced by Joe or Melissa. (Yes, give them names and personalities and interesting backstories.)

Now, let’s relook at the conversation…

  • Joe is a 30 year old, marketing executive and this is where he is in his life. He thinks it’s time to get serious about financial planning and so he decides to contact an insurance agency. Joe has dependents so XYZ benefit will help take care of that. 

Using the storyteller approach makes you sound less pushy, more informative and interesting. More importantly, it builds that emotional connect and the perception that you really care.

3. Mix up the media

One doesn’t have to stick to the traditional channels anymore. Be innovative and effective by investing in the right media mix and by creating different styles of messaging for each. Just because your niche is boring, does not mean your message or content needs to be boring too. Use Google search marketing tools, create a video or use Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out to potential clients. Just like a cat has 9 lives, in this day and age, any brand message needs to be heard / seen at least 9 times to register with the potential consumer for a recall. Choose those 9 lives or 9 touch-points wisely.

4. Be interested

Nothing beats genuine interest and passion! You need to believe and be passionate about your business. Introspect a little and find reasons to love your product. Make it interesting for yourself, your employees and for the people you are talking to. Being interested is always a good strategy because then you will find ways to make it more interesting and exciting for others.

5. Be relevant

You cannot talk like an 80 year old uncle if your product caters to 20 year olds! Or like a jargon-machine impossible to decipher! You need to talk to potential customers in a language they understand, using platforms that they are comfortable with. Timing and placement is everything. Targeting an ad for extended warranty for someone who has just bought the latest smartphone is being relevant.

So, don’t let your business niche restrict you! Be imaginative and innovative. Experiment with your marketing content. A boring niche does not have to result in a boring marketing plan, spice it up!

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  • Deb

    Love this article Vikki. I was interested to see that our brand and message needs to be seen now at least 9 times to register with a potential client. I guess as information speeds up even more and it gets even louder, the number of times will increase even more 🙂

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