‘Boring’ Businesses Can Create Great Content Too


‘Boring’ Businesses Can Create Great Content Too

Over lunch last week with a friend and fellow business owner, my skills as a content creator were called into action.

She was in crisis. Although her business was doing well, she was in a fairly saturated industry and desperate for a way to stand out. Between bites, she told me how initially she’d ruled out content creation but was starting to wonder if she was wrong, and developing a blog was the way to go.

Now, usually, when someone tells me they didn’t think blogging would work for them it’s because they don’t think they can write. In this case, however, she felt the stumbling block was the business, itself.

It was a boring business. Not creative or fancy, or exciting. Just a behind the scenes work-horse, that while she loved owning and running, wasn’t the type of business that people would tune in to read more about on a weekly basis.

Or so she thought …

As we sat talking and planning some incredible topics were starting to surface. Things that she’d never even thought of, being delivered in some really creative ways. Things that were not only incredibly relevant to her business and audience but also interesting with the potential to be seriously entertaining.

So how did we do it? How did we take a boring business and create a useful, relevant and entertaining content plan?

Solving problems.

Boring or not, if you’re in business, there’s a need for what you do. Which means there are pains and issues that come along with whatever products or services you’re selling. So what are your clients’ top five pain points?

Bearing in mind that blogging really isn’t about a sales pitch or a platform for selling product, think about the struggles your clients face on a day to day basis. What can you give them, knowledge-wise that could help make their business run more smoothly?

Tell a story.

The best blogs are the ones that are relatable. And the best way to get someone to relate to you is by telling a story. Maybe it’s yours personally. Or maybe, with permission, it’s something you’ve come across in your business travels. Either way, opening up and telling a story creates a connection.

And once you’ve nailed down the content of your story, don’t try to get too technical or professional. Just write it down as if you were standing around telling it at a party.

Have fun.

There are numerous ways to create content and ‘writing’ a blog is just one. To name a few, consider using graphics, infographics, video or podcasting to liven up an otherwise boring topic. But whichever delivery method you choose, make sure you have fun!

You know how they say you can hear a smile in your voice? Well, it’s the same with your content. You can read the smile. Don’t be afraid to get creative, push the boundaries and use it as a way to really define your individuality and make your mark.

Boring businesses don’t have to equal boring or non-existent content. Seek to understand and address your customers’ needs. Embrace your uniqueness as an individual and a business. And forget about the stuffiness and the rules. Just let go and show the world who you are!

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  • Renee Hasseldine

    Great article, Lee! Although me and my team are generally great on content creation (my enthusiasm is contagious), this is the perfect end-of-Jan pep talk we needed!

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