Become Your Own Best Manager


Become Your Own Best Manager

It’s Monday morning. You head to your favourite coffee shop or Contemplative Rock with a notepad and pen. You’ve left your phone in your desk drawer. “See you later”, you whisper as you leave.

It’s ok.

It will survive without you, and you will survive without it, at least long enough for you to spend an hour of quiet time to reflect and plan. After all, who else knows as well as you why you do what you do, what your goals are and what the legacy is that you want to leave? Only you truly know your desires, your challenges, your fears and what counts as success.

Your once a week quiet time, this ‘Management Meeting with Self’, is the most important hour of your week. It is a time to check in with yourself: to reflect on the past seven days and to set goals for the next week.

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In your meeting you will quieten your Monster Within, and put aside self-judgement. You will match long term goals to the immediate steps you need to take, and create a concrete, manageable plan for your week of powerful action.

Here is the blueprint for your ‘Management Meeting with Self’:

1. Set expectations (5 mins)

What do you want to achieve in this meeting?

Ask yourself: ‘What is the best outcome? When I walk out and look back at where I was sitting, what do I want to have happened?’

2. Set boundaries (2 mins)

Remind yourself that you are a benevolent manager with the best intentions, and that you believe you can meet the challenges you set yourself.

Tell yourself:

  1. The meeting is for accountability, affirmation and celebration.
  2. No judging, just noticing.
  3. No distraction by devices or tasks – this time is for reflection and planning only.
  4. The decisions you make are solely your own – no need to consult anyone. You can do that later.
  5. The goals you set are in line with your values and ethics.
  6. You’ll aim for a triple win in your decisions and actions. That’s a win for you, for those around and the world.

3. Do some rapid writing (5 mins)

Write without pausing. Write three paragraphs, for a minute each, with the following starter words:

I notice…

I feel….

I need….

Read what you’ve written.

4. Reflect on the past week (20 mins)

Consider the last seven days. How was it for you? How was it for the people around you? What impact did you have on the world?

Did you achieve your goals? If you wrote goals the last week, read over them. Tick off the tasks that you completed and note the ones that still need to be done. Later you will add these key tasks to or another ‘getting things done’ system.

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What could you have done differently? What were the key lessons from this past week?

Record any stories or ideas for you next blogpost, keynote address, coaching conversation, product launch.

5. Plan for the next seven days (20 mins)

  1. If you have a strategic plan, quickly remind yourself of the key points.
  2. Then set some goals for the next seven days, and tasks that will make those goals happen.
  3. (Remember to ‘just notice’ any uncomfortable feelings. Don’t judge.)
  4. Set tasks to undo anything that needs undoing, and to solidify any positive changes you have made.
  5. Ask yourself whether the plan you have set for yourself is based on SMART goals.

Note: you’ll have 8 minutes left to pay and thank the wait-person, or walk back from your Contemplative Rock.

Take a few deep breaths.

Now you’re ready for the next seven days until the next management meeting with self.

The people I have worked with – the solopreneurs, social entrepreneurs and leaders – who have implemented this small change in their lives (making a regular time for some contemplation and planning) all report reduced stress, a feeling of control, and a stronger sense of purpose.

By having a weekly Management Meeting with Self you will notice increased clarity, confidence and self-management muscle. You will make better decisions that have traction. You will take powerful action, based on the wisdom of your Mentor Within.

Do it. You’ll see.

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  • Roland Hanekroot

    Thanks Rosemary,
    Love the article, love the advice… love this line: quieten your Monster Within… Only this morning did I say to a client that there is noone quite as able to make you feel rubbish about yourself as you are…. and the only medicine is to bring your monster a cup of tea… Monsters love having a cup of tea brought to them… it shuts them right up…smiles

    • Rosemary

      Just thinking it might be time to add another image to my book, the Mentor Within. I should have the Monster Within drinking a cup of tea. Yes.
      Bring the Monster a cup of tea. A great piece of advice. Because spending some time on gentling out with your Monster Within is time well spent.

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