Be Body Fit to Manage Your Stress


Be Body Fit to Manage Your Stress

Needing to be business fit, of course, goes without saying otherwise, you will not survive in business for too long but nor will you if you are not body fit.

Getting the balance right as a Small Business owner often means wearing one too many hats. You’re doing the invoicing, serving your customers, balancing financials, lodging the BAS, creating new marketing tools, responding to social media; I feel exhausted just listing them all, and I know there are many more responsibilities to meet.

All too often when you wear all these hats, your health starts to suffer. Just in small ways initially, but then over time, these small things start to mount and up go the stress levels. The two common elements that get pushed aside first are good nutrition and exercise. You plan to get back on track tomorrow and then the next day and the next.

For many business owners keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just one more impost on their time. Just another ball to juggle thrown in with everything else, along with dealing with the stress of business and everyday living.

Have you heard of adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is a term used for a collection of non-specific symptoms and is something that I’ve found to be more common as I speak with my clients.

There are usually two adrenal glands, found one on top of each kidney. These glands produce the two hormones, cortisol and aldosterone from their outer section. Their inner section produces adrenaline and norepinephrine. Each of those hormones carries out a number of vital tasks in our body.

There are many schools of thought on adrenal fatigue; however, I would like to share with you my client’s experience.

Sally’s story:

Sally had been a personal training client of my colleague for over twelve months. During Sally’s training sessions she started to share that she felt like she had an ongoing low-grade fever. She was finding it harder and harder to do her workouts and was just so tired. Sally seemed to have a different ailment at every session and appeared to be struggling more with business and life.

Consequently, she stopped her training altogether. She had already stopped worrying about what she was eating as it was just all too difficult. Sally was on the non-stop treadmill of doing too much, with stress leading her life. Sally did seek advice and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.

These are the possible symptoms you may experience if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue:

  • Ongoing tiredness.
  • A general sense of unwellness.
  • Non-specific digestive concerns.
  • Salt and/or sugar cravings.
  • Difficulty getting to sleep and/or waking.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Depression.
  • Muscle weakness.

Over many months including time out from her business, Sally did recover, and she has just returned back to training as my client. Her awareness of balancing her life is strong, and she has put in place learned strategies to stop her going down that dreaded stress pathway.

In my experience ongoing stress is the common denominator with my clients who suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Three tips to manage your stress:

1. Exercise.

Exercise may be the last thing you feel you have time or energy for, but it is worth every second of your time, and it does get easier. Find something you love and get your heart pumping. Regular exercise provides significant health benefits plus the benefits gained are reflected back into your business through having more energy and greater clarity of thought with a bounce in your step.

Don’t abandon your momentary thought of fitness. You can get fit without going to a gym; you can train at home or in your office with minimal equipment, integrating your training into part of your daily routine.

2. Healthier food choices.

Even just making a few good choices can make a huge difference and be a positive change. Put some colour into your meals and snacks. Think red and purple for your snacks, i.e. blueberries, strawberries or apples. Think green, orange, white and yellow for your meals, i.e. broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin or cauliflower. Try thinking in colours to help you make a change.

3. Disconnect and quality sleep.

It is so important to take time out for you and to sleep. To read more on this subject, see my previous Smallville article, A Good Night’s Sleep and Your Business – What’s the Link?

If you don’t make time to look after your health and fitness you may likely need to make time to be sick.

Note: If you do not feel 100% on top of your game and especially if you have any of the symptoms discussed in this article, please seek medical advice from your GP, naturopath, or other health specialists.

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