Automation Is Great, but Don’t Forget Some Humanisation


Automation Is Great, but Don’t Forget Some Humanisation

While automation is winning all the attention, it’s the human touch that might become your competitive advantage. So don’t forget some humanisation in your business.

Right now, everyone is big on automation. The aim is to find as many ways to automate our business, our communication, our sales process, our follow up, our accounts – everything, as much as we can.

I get it, of course, it’s all about being efficient.

Technology is making automation incredibly easy but does that mean we should forget about more personalized and customized engagement with our customers? Personally, I don’t think so.

We all know that feeling when we get an email addressed to “Dear 345660884, your business is important to us”. Or the email sequences that we know are just an automated process trying to sell something to us.

I think we are going to get sick and tired of this; in fact, I think we already are. And perhaps, there will be a nice throwback to adding a human element.

Don’t Forget Some Humanisation.

As we move to more and more automation in our business, I’ve decided to go the other way.

I’m moving to more and more humanisation. I want a person to respond to an email. I want a person to ring and check with one of my customers if everything is going, OK?

I want my customers to have a telephone number that they can ring and actually ask a question. And I think more businesses will go down the same path as our customers demand it.

I understand that AI is getting smarter.

It’s certainly getting harder for us to determine when we are talking to AI as opposed to when we are talking to a person, but that’s not really what I’m talking about.

I believe that over time, all of us will want more and more human connection in business.

Those businesses that can deliver this will enjoy much stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers. And most importantly, stay more relevant with their customers. 

The human touch will become a point of difference.

So while everyone is talking about automation, automation, automation, I’m on the hunt to find as many ways as I can to humanise my business to make the experience as connected and as engaged as it can be.

Sometimes business success is all about zigging when everyone else is zagging.

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