As a Public Speaker Are You Providing a ‘Call to Action’?


As a Public Speaker Are You Providing a ‘Call to Action’?

When we start out on our business journey, we usually do so because we are passionate about our ‘thing’.

Yeah, we are super excited to have found the thing that lights us up, makes us want to leap out of bed every morning and tell everyone we meet all about it (and that includes the introverts!). So, we head out on this journey as an entrepreneur, and we get to a point where we make (some might say) a grim discovery.

We discover that when we started in business, we inadvertently became a salesperson, but it doesn’t come naturally to all of us!

So, for many, it becomes a skill we need to learn and even master, which brings us back to the original point of this article. That one thing, we as business and entrepreneur speakers, must do that often becomes the one thing that every newbie speaker forgets to do.

It is simply, about the ‘sale’.

Which can also be termed in pro speaker terms ‘Selling from Stage’. Some speakers will naturally shy away from asking for the sale but here’s the great thing, we don’t have to!

All we need to do is to have a ‘Call to Action’.

A ‘Call to Action’ is something for the audience to do next. It could be an action that will help them, or it can be an action that will allow you, to help them more than you already have, with your speech.

Here are three examples of how you could approach the sale:

1. Offer to give more value.

Gather their name and email and use it as a list builder exercise.

2. Offer up a gift.

Something for free that when you give it to them, it has an offer or a next step of some type that allows you to nurture them and to sell.

3. Sell a product or program or service.

Make it a great deal, and I mean mouth-wateringly good. Back of the room sales or taking registrations for your workshop.

My sneaky tip is: Give them your mobile number and ask them to send you an SMS with their name and email address. How cool is that?

Also, do note that it is always essential to discuss what is acceptable with the event organiser or point of contact before the speaking gig. You do not simply want to assume that it is perfectly fine to sell to the audience. You want your reputation to be intact after all.

Something important here to say about selling to your audience.

Sales is not a dirty word!

It is actually you doing business. It’s a part of life and a part of business. The common thinking now around this is that if you do not offer this to your audience or help them into your products and services, then you are actually doing a disservice to them.

So, stop being selfish!

Serve your audience with your superpower, that thing you were born to do. All it takes is giving them a next step if they are interested. If they are not, they don’t need to take action.

It’s selling without being weird or salesy! Remember the one big thing that you need to do:

Provide a ‘Call to Action’. Give a next step. If you don’t, you’ll be leaving your audience hanging.

Learn what works for you, apply it and have some fun!

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