Are You the Unhappiest Small Business Owner in the Room?


Are You the Unhappiest Small Business Owner in the Room?

When you talk about your Small Business with someone you meet for the first time, are you positive, enthusiastic and a joy to be around?

Or are the first words out of your mouth negative because you’re moaning and groaning about everyone and everything?

I meet many Small Business owners at my speaking engagements and the various business events I attend, and I am always amazed at the number of Small Business owners who are eager to complain rather than talk about the great things happening in their business. And these unhappy people are also the ones struggling to find business and good staff.

Is it any wonder because even if things aren’t as good as you’d like, there are always positives to take out of every day.

Case in point:

I met a Small Business owner for the first time at a function I attended, and I asked them what their business was and how things were going? Well, didn’t I open the floodgates!

Now as a Problem Solver, I was grateful for the opportunity to find out more to see if I could provide some simple, practical solutions to their issues. Which I did and for me, that’s great, as all I want to do is help make the lives of every Small Business owner easier.

However, when I reflected on the conversation and their behaviour, it made me look at things from a potential client’s perspective, and this was my conclusion:

Is this really the first impression you want to give me as a potential buyer of your products and services?

And even more troubling, is this really the first impression you want to give me, a potential referral, because I may have your ideal clients sitting in my database?

I think not, and yet, too many Small Business owners, at every opportunity they get, want to whinge and moan about everyone and everything saying things like:

“If I didn’t leave now, I would have told a customer how stupid they were.”

“I’m ready to kill my staff.”

“I sold XX number of my product today, but it meant I couldn’t catch up on my work.”

Now I realise life is very tough as a Small Business owner, and things are not always rosy. But I don’t really want to hear, right off the bat, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ of your problems until you have engaged me as your Business Coach to help. I just want to hear the ‘good’ things.

And if a natural Problem Solver (who really probably does want to know so they can help) is saying this, imagine how everyone else is feeling.

So if these are your conversations when you act like Elvis and ‘leave the building’ (or the confines of your office), here’s my key question for you to consider:

Would you buy or refer you?

If the answer is “No”, then what thing or things do you need to do or change so you can turn this perception into a much better reality?

It may be as simple as embracing a ‘fake it until you make it’ attitude and leaving the baggage in the car or office where it belongs. So, I encourage you to please take the time to stop and look in the mirror, to have that good hard look at yourself so you can understand what other people are seeing and hearing.

And if it’s not what you like, then be prepared to put in the work to change and step back up into your role as a proud and successful Small Business owner so you can turn into the happiest Small Business owner in the room.

If you do this, then I believe you’ll be amazed at the opportunities which come your way.

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