Are You the Ultimate Guide?


Are You the Ultimate Guide?

I always try to find the best advice when I embark on a new purchase but is it really just as simple as looking for the person who knows their stuff? Being an ultimate guide is more than knowing all that there is to know about your given field. The ultimate guide has empathy for their clients and gets to know them on a more personal level.

Did Rocky’s coach, Mikey, simply tell him the best way to punch or how to move around the ring? The answer is ‘No’ – He dug deep down into the purest motivations and desires of his student.

So what do you do that shows how much you care about your client’s journey? How many of these G.U.I.D.E principals do you use?

  • G– Get to know them
  • U– understand their journey
  • I -inform them
  • D– dependable
  • E– empathy

G – Get to know them

When you first meet, do you not only find out their name, but introduce yourself as well? Do you know how all about them and what they love to do in their spare time? By doing this, you get to know your clients on a much deeper level. People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Getting to know them is an essential part of the rapport building process.

Mickey knew absolutely everything about Rocky.

U – Understand their journey

Do you understand on a deep level how your client came to need your product?  Do you understand what level of product is right for them or are you offering the most expensive version when a more economical one would be a better fit? Have you discovered what their perfect vision of what they are trying to achieve is? In summary, so you know their Why? I call this going down the rabbit hole, which is all about going an inch wide and a mile deep. By doing this, you will find that you have everything you need to recommend the right product for your client, one that solves the problem they are looking to solve.

Mickey definitely knew Rock’s why.

I – Inform them

This is the nuts and bolts. To be the ultimate guide, you need to have an outstanding knowledge of content. This doesn’t mean that you dump all of that information on them in one go. If you have mastered the previous step, you will be able to tailor the information that you give them to allow them to make the best decision from the information that’s relevant to them.

Mickey helped Rocky through every challenge that was thrown at him.

D – Dependable

This is summarised as, ‘Do you do what you say you are going to do?’. Do you have a proven track record of delivering results for your clients that show you helped them achieve their perfect outcome? Google reviews today are a great way of substantiating your track record or delivering results. Ask your clients if they have had a great experience with you? If the answer is yes, then they are more than happy to write a review for you.

Mickey was always there for Rocky no matter what. 

E – Empathy

This shows that you are coming from a place of servitude. Are you putting your clients’ needs before your own? Everyone can spot a salesman a mile away, but someone who puts their client’s needs ahead of themselves is seen as a truly trustworthy source. I never recommend the most expensive option, just because it benefits me

Mickey loved Rocky like family and only did what was best for him. 

Anthony Robbins often speaks of “falling in love with your clients”. However too many of us today, are putting ourselves forward as they hero. When in fact, we are perfectly placed to be the guide and make our clients the hero. Help your clients achieve their perfect dream, and they will not only thank you for it but refer you to everyone they know.

Follow the framework, and I guarantee you will be the Ultimate Guide – just like Mikey Goldmill

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