Are You Taking Any Time Off This Christmas?


Are You Taking Any Time Off This Christmas?

So now that we’ve hit December and are officially on the Christmas countdown, the number one question I seemed to be getting asked is:

Are you taking any time off over Christmas?

In the past, the answer to that has been a hard and fast, “No!”

Startups and young businesses usually require your attention all year round. And if you have the money to consider holidays or time off, there’s usually a marketing plan or a to-do list a mile long where funds would be much better invested.

Then we got to this year, and somehow we have crossed that bridge from our businesses being a hectic 24/7 juggle-fest, to seriously talking about what time, if any, we’re taking away from work this Christmas.

Now, it may surprise you to find out that we’ve decided on no time away.

Instead, we’re going to use our traditional ‘slow down’ to focus on a few key areas:

1. Planning.

We have a business plan that became obsolete about halfway through this year, and since then we’ve been flying blind. I don’t know if we’ll go the whole formal document again, but a few things we’re going to consider are:

  • Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for the year.
  • Our sales and marketing goals.
  • Our personal goals.

2. Maintenance.

It got so busy for us this year that I’m embarrassed to reveal we have a considerable number of projects that haven’t had any love from use for a considerable amount of time.

The list is long, and I’m not sure if we’ll get through them all, but I’m prioritising based on need and fixing up as much as I can, ready for a fresh start in the new year.

3. Tidying up.

Like with our maintenance, there are a lot of things, both physical and digital, that got put in piles and left for ‘Ron’. The result of that is a massive clutter, and I’ve started feeling overwhelmed by it!

I’m planning on a background Netflix movie and clean day so that I can go into 2019 with a clean and organised desk and desktop!

4. Content strategising.

The majority of our content last year was posted on the fly. Yep, I admit it. The problem with that though is that when things get busy, your social media is usually the first thing to feel the squeeze. It’s hard to be creative, let alone find the time to actually post and interact with your audience.

So, while I’m feeling relaxed, I’m getting creative, and I’m scheduling all of those posts so that I’m not chasing my tail when things no doubt pick up again early next year.

5. Networking.

Lastly, I’m networking. I’m saying, “Yes”, to those drinks or that dinner that I’ve been dodging all year because I was too busy.

Spending downtime with colleagues, other business owners and clients can be a great way to build your community and solidify relationships … Not to mention getting that social time we may not want but really need.

So the next time someone asks you if you’re taking any time off this Christmas, have a think about what that might look like for your business.

End of year downtime can be a great time to get ready for a new year of crazy!

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