Are You Prepared to Do What It Takes?


Are You Prepared to Do What It Takes?

A good friend of mine, amazing business coach and fellow Smallville contributor, Geoff Hetherington asked me a while ago if I was prepared to do whatever it takes to make my business a success. He defines this kind of attitude to business as ‘pragmatic passion’.

In that moment, I thought this was nothing more than a challenging but throw-away comment around my willingness to get uncomfortable as I build my business.

But recently, I faced a hard realisation. To take my business to the next level, I needed to either score some significant contracts very quickly OR I need to call on some old corporate skills and go find some additional income.

Everything that makes me a great self employed person makes me (in my opinion) a pretty average employee. I don’t like taking direction, I work to my own time and (as my father says) I don’t suffer fools. Yet here I was, burning with the desire to promote my business but not having the finances to do it properly.

So, after a straight-shooting conversation with Geoff (trust me, there is no other kind) it was reality bomb time. That meant, for the first time in 10 years, I needed to get a part-time job.

Now, the article is not about me job hunting, figuring out what a resume looks like these days or learning how corporates view someone who’s been self employed for 10 years (but I have great fodder for a future article).

Instead, this article asks you whether YOU are prepared to do what it takes – whatever that may be – to get your business where you want it to be. 

Let’s face it, the thought that you can’t switch on a revenue stream to avoid difficult choices is uncomfortable. I totally understand that.

But let me ask you….How much do you want your business to succeed?

If you knew that having a regular income for a period of time would make the difference, would you keep spinning your wheels, making excuses for why you’re not where you want to be?

For me, it was a progressive decision. I struggled, threw internal tantrums, felt like a failure and came up with many reasons why I should NOT be looking for a part time income. At the end of the day though, I kept coming back to the ‘pragmatic passion’ conversation with Geoff. Was I really prepared to do what was necessary to make my business succeed? My answer?… Yes, yes I was.

And so, here I am sitting in the kitchen at my part time corporate job, writing this article before I go and do whatever it takes to grow my business.

Am I enjoying it? Hell no, I’m still a shocking employee but, boy, the pain is soothed significantly when I allocate my wage to marketing expenses for my business…And it’s not forever.

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  • Desley

    Love this article Tracy. Congratulations for your honesty. I’m looking forward to reading your next article. I love Geoff’s exploratory question and your first reaction that it was a throw away line. For me, making the decision to return to the work force, the question was ‘A you willing to do what it takes to succeed in achieving what you want to achieve out of your time on earth?’ For some this could be self employment. For others, it could be the secure regular income of a PAYE role that potentially increases their borrowing capacity to build a property portfolio (my reason). For others something entirely different. I, too will continue with what I’m doing in the background. Going back to work, itself has forced me to prioritise and procrastinate less. PLUS I really do LOVE working with others.

  • Tracy

    Hi Desley,

    Thank you so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read the article. From the feedback I’ve received through personal inboxes and emails, it seems like it’s hit a nerve. I’m glad to hear you have reached a happy medium with your own business growth – it’s so important to recognise what’s important to you and your own business goals. Good on you for recognising that!
    Regards, Tracy

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