Are You Keeping Mums, the Most Powerful Consumer Segment, Happy?


Are You Keeping Mums, the Most Powerful Consumer Segment, Happy?

I recently enjoyed a road trip to Adelaide as my son was playing in a basketball tournament. On the journey home to Melbourne, I stopped in a local town to stretch my legs and pick up a chai latte. Listed as $4.50 on the menu I was told that would be $6.70. On querying the increased price, I was told that there were additional charges for having soy milk (normally standard in chai), that it was a public holiday and before she could explain any more of the extras I cancelled the order and bought a chai in the café across the road.

This experience reinforced one of the key findings in the Marketing to Mums Survey report of more than 1800 Australian mums; that mums hate hidden extras, additional clicks and any detour from what you say you are going to do.

Here are four things you can do to keep mums happy:

1. Avoid additional charges.

For online businesses, it is essential to minimise additional charges at checkout. Prices should be ‘what you see is what you get’. Additional charges are a key reason for mums to abandon their shopping cart at checkout. Advertise your delivery charges before she gets to the checkout area as high delivery charges are also a turn off for her. Better still look to build in the shipping costs into your product prices so that you can offer free shipping. The Marketing to Mums Survey found mums very vocal in their distaste for high shipping charges.

If I see ‘free postage’ then notice in small print ‘must spend over $70’ I refuse to buy there.  #inmumswords

Nothing worse than finding a great deal on an item, only to then be hit with a hefty (and often unfounded) postage rate! #inmumswords

For bricks and mortar stores, look to avoid all the extra charges on the advertised price. If you must have additional charges make sure they are well advertised or you will damage your current relationship and will be less likely to build a lasting relationship. In the case of my chai latte, none of the extra charges were easily viewed.

2. Minimise clicks.

With the Marketing to Mums Survey report finding that 75% of Australian mums have made an online transaction in the past 14 days, it is essential that websites minimise the number of clicks for mums to complete a transaction. Make it too hard, requiring mums to register, by failing to offer a guest checkout option, and you risk mums leaving without making a purchase.

Make the purchasing process EASY and fast. Nothing loses me faster than a convoluted check out (got to get it done before the kids lose interest in their craft!). #inmumswords

The online purchasing process should also be direct and straightforward. Efficiency is the key. #inmumswords

3. Surprise and delight.

Mums expect a high level of customer service which makes it challenging to surprise and delight them as a consumer group. However, if you are able to achieve this, watch the additional flood in sales as she refers her friends and family members to your business. Consider handwritten notes, special VIP nights, free delivery offers, bonus samples and unexpected gifts to really stand out in the customer service stakes. It will pay off.

Have AMAZING customer service that actually helps, because if you make my life difficult, I don’t care what you sell, I’ll buy it from someone who doesn’t make me want to hurt you. #inmumswords

4. Offer a free trial and money-back guarantees.

Mums love it when a business offers a free trial or a money back guarantee as it reduces the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. Mums are risk averse by nature and want to ensure their purchase provides the right solution to their problem. They are well researched so your ability to sway them with free trials, and money-back guarantees deliver her an increased degree of comfort in purchasing with you. It can make all the difference between them buying from you or your competitor.

Having a no risk or low-risk trial option is good for those products I am not sure about by would like to try without wasting my money if they are the wrong choice. #inmumswords

I like it when advertisers offer samples of their products so that you can give it a try before committing to a full purchase, it makes the consumer feel that the company is putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak. #inmumswords

Mums are the most powerful consumer segment worldwide. Listening to their feedback and advice to business can deliver you a commercial advantage in the marketplace. Embrace these four tips and deliver mums a rewarding, pleasurable experience.

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