Are You a Serial Re-investor?


Are You a Serial Re-investor?

Where in the book of Small Business does it say that we need to shift our mindset from growing, growing, growing to just being for a while?

I have just had my accounts completed for the past year, and it was a delight to see that this year I tripled the income I took in last year. How cool is that! The Small Business owners dream, right?

Well, there is a problem. Although I have earned more than I even hoped, last year I reinvested that and more back into my businesses. Have I been reckless? Maybe. But I do also know that it takes years of reinvestment to get ahead in business. That’s why those who stick it out deserve every bit of success they receive.

So, that is why I want to know, “When is the time for your growth to not happen at such an excessive rate?”

Do we continue to grow, grow, grow until we are million-dollar companies only to discover that it costs 1.5 million to keep things rolling along? Is it any wonder our financial world is in dire straits if this is what is happening!

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that I am building a lot of wealth in my company, it is an investment, but after five years I think it is ok to stop, to take stock of what is happening and to finally include my valued time as a worthwhile expense for my company.

The reason that I am putting this out there is because I believe that many businesses begin and run and require a growth mindset when they start out. These business owners give more time and receive much less money than they would in a clock-on-and-off paid job, but because they are doing it for themselves, it is allowed. I know that this way of building a business is tough on work-life balance.

You can have a balance but what is the quality of that balance?

Personally, I am grateful because alongside building my publishing empire from the ground up, I get to be there for my children when I want to, I can schedule school holidays off and work from home on sick days. I know the luxury of having this choice, and I am grateful every day for it. I also love my business and everything I do.

So, from this moment I choose to pause (not stop) and see the empire I have built.

I choose to nurture it and maintain it. I am where I needed to be right now in my business; it is a time to smell the roses and earn a living right now where I am. No major investing needed. This is a huge mindset shift for me.

If you are a Small Business owner and can relate to what I am saying, know that when it is time to pause, it is you that has to make the choice to do so.

To our success as Small Business owners, may we all be big business owners one day.

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