Are You Living the Small Business Dream You Dreamed or Are You Conforming to Society?


Are You Living the Small Business Dream You Dreamed or Are You Conforming to Society?

Alarm goes off. Press snooze and repeat three times.

Up before the sun and leaving home in the dark. I haven’t eaten breakfast because that takes too long and I will get stuck in traffic if I leave any later. I stop at my favourite coffee shop on the way, they know my name and my coffee order, this is familiar and perfect.

I am in the office before my team, I turn on the heaters, roll up the blinds and finish my coffee while checking emails.

An hour or so later I feel hungry and remember that I haven’t had breakfast, bummer.

Why do I do this? Is it out of habit? Is it because that’s what others do?

It dawned on me one morning as I was hitting snooze for the third time, kind of like a voice speaking to me in my half slumber “Why are you doing this Kim?”

Yeah Kim, why are you doing this? You are a Small Business owner, you are the game changer, you make the rules, so why are you letting this happen to you?

It sounds kind of obvious as I sit here typing this but for me it wasn’t, until it was. It was now time to throw away those habits and traits that society breed into us. What would work for me? What would make me more productive? What would make my life better?

Here is what I decided next:

Decision One:

I would work from home two days per week, they had to be the same days each week so there was consistency for myself and my team.

Decision Two:

On the days I go into the office I will work from home in the mornings, this will ease my traffic stress. I will get to sit and eat breakfast without trying to reply to emails and shovel food in my mouth at the same time. This will also give me back lost time in my day as I will not be in traffic for as long.

Decision Three:

I will leave the office by 4.30pm to beat the traffic. I offer my team the option of starting early and finishing early so why on earth do I not follow the same rules.

Decision Four:

Readjust my mindset, just because I am not in the office, does not mean I am not working. I am actually of more value to the business when I have time to work ‘on’ the business, instead of being in the office and getting caught up working ‘in’ the business. I will need to get my team on board about my new schedule and support them in creating a schedule that works for them.

Decision Five:

Stop eating breakfast and lunch at my desk. What a bad habit to teach my team, from now on we eat lunch together, share stories and have a laugh.

So let me ask you, what are you doing in your business and everyday life to conform? Are there changes you could implement that will provide you with more time, more fun, a happier team and more productivity?

As Small Business owners it’s almost disrespectful if we don’t ask ourselves this question. Why? Think of all the people who are sitting in jobs, unhappy, with horrible bosses who don’t get to call the shots.

You are the one in the arena, you decided that wasn’t what you wanted and you broke free so go out there and work hard, play hard, grind when you need to but make sure it is on your terms. I know I sure will be.

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  • Deb

    Hi Kim

    I love this article and its very much what I believe in. What I noticed when I changed my hours to suit me and my health, is that my business actually began to flow more even though I wasn’t working as “hard”, I began working smarter and letting go. Love it 🙂

  • Kim

    Deb – love this! Thank you for your comment and for following this great collection of articles x Kim

  • Drew

    Yep it really is the small things that make for better habits. Eating lunch at your desk is bad. Great article,made me think – after all conformity is the opposite of courage.

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