Are You Implementing the Habits That You Know Will Help You Succeed?


Are You Implementing the Habits That You Know Will Help You Succeed?

This article is aimed at Small Business owners who want to improve their business. If you are already satisfied with where your business is at – awesome –  then these habits are already being followed I bet, or they are irrelevant to your continued success.

I have been self-employed for more than 15 years now and found these 7 essential habits to have helped my success to date and I believe when implemented, they can help your business too.

Habit one: set realistic goals

Unless you are happy to drift along, goal setting is very important. What are your current business issues? List them and then set out a written plan to solve them.

Habit two: tracking

Once you are happy with the realistic goals you have set, break them down into bite sized chunks, set a time frame around when these are to be completed and start the journey. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction crossing out all the goals you have achieved over time. I know I do.

Habit three: spend time on important things

It’s pointless setting written goals, breaking them down into weekly or daily tasks, only to find yourself spending time on the other tasks which are less important. Put time in your diary to get work done and minimise interruptions.

Habit four: great people

If you employ people, then having effective staff is critical to achieving your goals. I delegate my goals where needed, to some of my team members. They help me achieve my goals. So a great team in my case is really important. Poor staff in the past has impacted on me being able to achieve my goals.

Habit five: get a coach

The world’s most successful sports people and sporting teams have coaches. So why don’t business owners have them too? I have had mentors in the past, but I have out grown them.

I am about to appoint a business coach whose bona fides I have checked out. There is nothing like getting a successful person to hold you accountable, pick up flaws in your performance and bringing genuine expertise to assist you meet your goals.

Habit six: look after yourself

There is no point being successful at work, only to find out that your health is suffering due to long hours, stress or not looking after yourself. In my case I have a personal trainer and nutritionist who have helped me stay in shape.

Habit seven: family is important

I know there are exceptions, but generally from my experience your family has your best interests at heart. So maintaining good relationships with your family is crucial to your ultimate success.

In my case I regularly spend some one on one time with my two teenage kids, taking an interest in their lives and showing them I care. All the success in the world doesn’t make up for a failure at home.

None of what I have said above is rocket science and all of you know you need to be doing some or all of these to be successful. Implementation is the key. What’s stopping you?

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