Apply These Festive Song Messages to Your Business


Apply These Festive Song Messages to Your Business

It’s not long now till the fat man in the red suit makes an appearance and ticks our names off his Naughty or Nice List.

Before we get too concerned about which list we made let’s take a look at the practical business lessons we can take away from this time of the year.

In my opinion, there is no better place to start than by taking a look at the practical business lessons found hidden within some of our most beloved (or cheesy) Christmas tunes.

  • Last Christmas – Wham.

Let’s start with a personal favourite and something we hear on high rotation each year, Last Christmas.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart,

but the very next day,

you gave it away ….

Last Christmas highlights the trend seen throughout the country to woo new clients with little regard for the loyalty and dedication of the customer base already within reach. Far too often we see businesses going out of their way with competitions and trinkets to entice new clients, instead of nurturing and taking care of their existing customers, they’re off chasing the next new thing.

Here’s the lesson Wham where missing though. Clients who have already spent money with you are far more likely to do it again. They are also your most significant source of referrals, and quite frankly if you treat them well, they will give you plenty of warning if your business is heading off track.

Don’t be like Wham, this Christmas honour the clients who have been with you for a period of time and leave the wooing for the new year.

  • The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole.

Next, I’m offering this simple phrase from Nat King Cole.

To kids from one to ninety-two

Although it’s been said many times, many ways

Merry Christmas to you…

Why is it in business we hang off for special occasions to let our clients know how we feel about them? Without them, we wouldn’t even have a business! As we wind out 2018, why not take a few moments to touch base with your existing clients to just say, “Thanks.”

Have a chat about what’s happening in their business, find out if there is anywhere that you could add extra value for them. Do you know another business owner who would make a good referral for them? Have you got an additional product or service you could bundle in to make their lives a little easier?

Whatever it is, make a conscious effort, that in 2019 you will touch base with your clients on a regular basis and let them know how much you appreciate them working with you.

  • Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon.

The lesson in this song for me is, put your plans in place.

So this is Christmas

And what have you done

Another year over

And a new one just begun.

I talk with a lot of business owners and inevitably the conversation at this time of year comes around to, what has been achieved, what they missed out on and what they want for the coming year.

Take the time to plan for what you want your coming year to look like. Put measurable goals and steps in place so you can measure your progress month to month.

Make 2019 the year where you stop allowing your business to be led by the nose following whatever bright and shiny trend happens to be going on in your industry that week.

  • Auld Lang Syne – Robert Burns.

Finally, for those of you chomping at the bit to kick off 2019 and kick some goals, I will leave you with this New Year’s classic.

Should old acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind

Should all acquaintance be forgot

And auld lang syne.

We all deserve, and quite frankly we all need a little time out now and then. Time to sit and reflect on what has been. Time to stop and smell the roses. Time to recount the year that was, the people that were a part of it, the roads less travelled and the choices made. Before you kick off any new plans, consider the words of Auld Lang Syne. Do not forget your past.

This year take the time to sit, review and to plan before rushing headlong into your shiny new year.

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