At Your Age? Sold, What Are You Going to Do Now?


At Your Age? Sold, What Are You Going to Do Now?

I’ve seen it many times; Small Business owners sell their businesses, couples or singles sell their large family home to downsize and suddenly find themselves with money, freedom, spare time and nothing to do.

It seems to work a little bit like a wedding or Christmas. You’ve spent so much time planning for it, that when it happens or when it’s over, you haven’t really thought through what you are going to do afterwards … And you feel a little flat.

I get it. It’s hard to make decisions and plan a life after the sale when you don’t know how long it’s going to take to sell and circumstances change. Then suddenly you have thirty days to get out of where you are and go somewhere else. Thirty days to pack up and find an alternative.

So how do you keep a level head and not panic when you find yourself in this situation? How can you make sure the move is a good one and you get your ‘happily ever after’?

1. Focus on one thing at a time.

Focus on the sale first. Forget about where you are going and what you are doing afterwards. If you haven’t got a plan, don’t make any ‘rush’ decisions during that 30 days to settlement. Find a place to store what needs to be stored and worry about the future once the sale has gone through.

Then, once it’s all over, focus on what next with a clear head.

2. Keep calm.

From my experience, it can take at least 3 to 6 months to unwind that brain after such a big life change, whether it’s selling a business or your family home. I’ve seen many people panic and commit to something else in that first few months, only to realise it was a mistake and then have to go through the process of selling again.

If you need somewhere to live; take a short-term rental. If you need an income while you are thinking about it; take a part-time job. It doesn’t have to be your ideal job, just something that will give you the income you need and the spare time to think. Something you can clock in at start time and clock out at finish time and not think about in your own time.

Don’t commit yourself until you’ve had time to unwind and work out what you really want to do.

3. Try new things.

Be brave; try new things. Make a commitment to yourself to have ten new experiences while you are in limbo land. Don’t just sit around trusting that something will turn up.  Something better might turn up if you are out and about experiencing new things.

Life after life can be rewarding if you take a break from the norm, give yourself time to clear your head and try some new things to get your brain ticking in all directions. You’ll be a bright, vibrant older person if you do.

You still have heaps to contribute, don’t just sit around waiting for your last breath.

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