At Your Age? Sharing Your Wisdom and Experience Without Sounding Like a Know It All


At Your Age? Sharing Your Wisdom and Experience Without Sounding Like a Know It All

We get to a stage in life and in business, where we’ve tried many things, and we want to share our life journey genuinely to help others.

We see other people going down the same path, making or about to make the mistakes we’ve made in the past and we genuinely want to help them avoid the pain. Sometimes though, our words of wisdom are met with aloofness rather than the appreciation we are hoping for.

At times, we forget that we know what we know because we made the mistakes and learned from experience, not because we ‘just know’, or that ‘it’s obvious isn’t it?’. We can lose sight of the fact that we learned these lessons the hard way and can come across as intolerant and a ‘know it all’. When we get excited and start telling someone that what they are about to do won’t work, we can have that air of ‘how stupid are you?’ in our voice. We don’t mean to; we just don’t think!

We need to engage our brains more before we start to speak. When we are conscious and careful about how we phrase our observations, our knowledge and experience on a topic they are more respected, valued and appreciated. More important though, is the fact we can make a real and positive difference to the success of someone else’s business or life rather than just annoying them. Which, most likely, is what our goal was in the first place.

So, how do you create an environment where you can use your experience to help others? 

Ask questions before offering solutions.

You may think you know what they want to achieve, but your assumptions, if you don’t ask, will come from the base of your experience and not their intentions. Before giving advice, on a matter where you feel you have a contribution to make, have a conversation; ask what they want to achieve as an outcome of their actions. You may get a surprise. Their response may even change what you share for the better.

Remain detached from the outcome; share for the appreciation of sharing.

Whether or not your advice is heeded is irrelevant. Offer it unconditionally; they may take some or none on board when moving forward. They may acknowledge your input or they may not. Remember, it’s their business, their choices. Be detached from the outcome.

Be positive and encouraging when sharing their story with others.

It’s any wonder we are all out there looking for the negatives in every story; it’s everywhere we look, TV reality shows, lifestyle shows and social media. Life, in general, seems to all focus on sensationalising the negative, building up even the smallest issues and blowing them out of all proportion. We can make a real difference if we can help turn this socially contagious attitude around.

If you are planning to take this time in your life to share your wisdom and pass on your knowledge, take a step in changing the attitude of the universe at the same time and, when you are talking to others about the people you have helped, speak with love and positivity. The flow on effect for you and for them will be exponential.

That’s my plan. I may not always succeed, but I’ll keep trying until I get it right. It’s worth the effort.

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