Achieve Happiness First and You Will Then Achieve Success


Achieve Happiness First and You Will Then Achieve Success

Now your business is successful, where is your happiness?

You have worked so hard to get your business into this successful place; where is the happiness that you thought would come automatically with the successful business? What if you had it the wrong way around?

Have you ever considered that you might have had these priorities the wrong way around? What if you could find a way to be happy first, and then the success followed much more easily. This is actually the easiest way to get to your successful place, in every area of your life … Get to your happy place first.

How can I possibly get happy if my business isn’t successful?

The thing is you can do it quite easily when you decide to find your happy place independent of external forces; this is an inside job. Even more important than that, when you decide to do it in this order, you have control over your happiness. Then, when you have that control over your happiness, you have control about what else you bring into your life.

Most successful business people get to their success through blood sweat and tears. But is it really necessary to struggle so much? No, it is not.

Consider what would happen if you used the force.

That force is actually the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law, which states simply that like attracts like. So, if you are able to find your happy place, the Universal Law will deliver more reasons to feel happy to you. More than that, the vibration of feeling happy keeps you in alignment with the energy that creates worlds. In that energy, you will be inspired to the next logical steps that you need to take to create the successful business that you have already requested from the Universe.

I am not suggesting that you don’t put in the effort. I am suggesting that you use the force of the Universal Law of Attraction and then take inspired action. Now, using the force, you are following the next logical step to your successful business, without the blood sweat and tears.

A far easier and happier journey to take, don’t you think, with the end result of not only a successful business but also a happy state of mind.

Happiness is everything.

A successful business without the happiness is empty. It is not what you are really after. If you ask yourself, why you wanted a successful business in the first place, I’ll bet that your answer is something like this. “When my business is successful I will feel like a success, and that will make me feel happy” or “When my business is successful I will be able to provide for my family, and that will make me feel happy.” Am I close? Is that your reasoning … To be happy!

Doesn’t it make sense to get the happiness first and then let everything else follow? Now I can hear you saying, “But what if it doesn’t happen that way?” I would respond, “What if it does happen that way?” What if you are struggling and you don’t need to? In fact, you would be far better off without the struggle.

We can test how this force works. Think about looking for a car park. When you drive towards your destination, feeling good and expecting to get a car park, what happens? Alternatively, what happens when you are upset and anxious about getting that park and stressed about being late for your meeting? So, if you can easily create a car park just by being in the right frame of mind, you can create anything you want in the same way.

In fact, the Universe promises that you can have or be or do anything you desire.

If you would like more information about how to find this place of happiness, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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